1. What would a united British Church look like?

    Say by OTL Acts of Union in the early 18th century the Churches of England, Ireland and Scotland become unified. This was a long term goal of the Stuarts which was never fulfilled, unlike the political unification of Scotland and England which did occur. What would this new Church look like...
  2. Could the Dutch Revolt be avoided?

    My university library was giving away some old books and I managed to get some for myself. One book is titled "Before the Armada" written by R. B. Wernham and published in 1966. It was a detailed account of English foreign policy in the Tudor period. finished reading that some time ago and...
  3. SunZi

    What consequences on the Thirty Years War would the fall of Cardinal Richelieu have?

    As part of a TL on the ascension of Gaston of France to the throne after the death of Louis XIII in 1630, causing Richelieu's fall from power, I would like to know what would be the consequences on the Thirty Years' War? The Cardinal brought France into the war in 1635 alongside Sweden, already...
  4. FernandoPerla

    Protestant France

    How could the Huguenots have won the French Wars of Religion? How do you picture a Protestant France after victory?
  5. A Protestant Holy Roman Empire

    Yeah. Anyway, this is my first post here, and it looks like people get banned for pretty much no reason, but I had this idea and I'd like to discuss the possibility of it actually happening. The premise is that the Roman Empire collapses sooner, probably during the Crisis of the 3rd Century...
  6. PC/WI: Calvinist Ireland

    One of the major reasons that Ireland remained Catholic was that Protestantism was seen as the faith of the English oppressors. But was it possible for them to consider a non-Anglican branch? Was there any way for Scottish Presbyterianism to reach Ireland and be seen as a way to remain outside...
  7. AHC: Protestant-Orthodox Alliance

    After the year 1525, how can we get Protestants and the Eastern Orthodox Church to see each other as common allies against the Catholics as opposed to merely seeing each other as another heresy as otl? While Protestants have moved historically to work with the eastern churches at times, was...
  8. HRH Cecily

    What would Orthodox Protestantism look like

    I realize this is a very vague question and of course Eastern Europe is not a monolith but what might Protestantism look like if it developed in opposition to an Orthodox church rather than a Catholic one?
  9. FernandoPerla

    Protestant France

    What if the Huguenots had won the French Wars of Religion? How do you picture France and the world from those times onward?
  10. AHC/WI: Catholic Nordic countries

    WI the Nordic countries (primarily Denmark, Norway, ans Sweden) remain Catholic instead of going Protestant? What PoD would be required for this? What kind of effects would them remaining Catholic have on the rest of Europe, especially the Thirty Years War and the Protestant Reformation?
  11. AHC: Have the 13 Colonies be German

    With a POD no earlier than 1600, have some German nation (or several of them) colonize the OTL 13 Colonies instead of Britain. Bonus points if the 13 Colonies are colonized by Protestant German states. You can have the English still set up colonies on the East Coast if it's necessary, but the...
  12. GameBawesome

    Effects of a early Protestant France?

    Protestantism in France is complicated. Francis I initially maintain a level of tolerances, until the 1530s, and his successors would get into conflicts with the Huguenots, who conflicted with the Larger Catholic French Nobles, starting the French Wars of Religion What if, instead of the French...
  13. AHC/WI: No Protestant Reformation

    How do you think European (and later American) history could have progressed if Martin Luther, John Calvin, and other Reformers would have been butterflied away? When encountering these debates on online forums, I've read pretty mixed-bag responses. A Catholic for example told me, that a Moon...
  14. GauchoBadger

    AHC: Protestant southern Netherlands, Catholic north?

    IOTL, the gravitational center of Dutch Protestant discontent with Habsburg rule was actually located not in Amsterdam, which remained mostly loyal to the Spanish until it was captured by military means, but in Flanders, particularly the key port city of Antwerp. As the Eighty Years' War...
  15. lerk

    AHC: Have Anti-Catholicism remain relevant in the US

    How can historical tensions between Protestants and Catholics in the United States be sustained up to the 21st century?
  16. Thirty Years' War if Hungary is united?

    Let's say, that the Habsburgs successfully defeat the Turks in the Long Turkish War and banish them from Hungary entirely. If we assume, that the "30 Year's War" still takes place in some form or other, how could things play out differently? I'm looking forward for your answers!
  17. Dargonaut

    WI: Protestant Power

    Is it plausible for northern protestant part of Germany, in the 1500 to 1700, to secede from the HRE and form its own nation. Perhaps the Hapsburgsare are more harsh and some of the protestant anger can be directed at them. How would become the monarch of this nation and what kind of government...
  18. Mindtraveller

    The Popish Wind

    On the Failed Dutch Invasion On the early morning of the 29th of October, 1688, a handful of ships set sail from the Dutch port of Hellevoetsluis, despite the adversarial winds keeping a majority of the flotilla’s would-be fleetmates in port. At the head of this small fleet sailed William of...
  19. SeanF1989

    What if the Protestant Reformation never happened

    How different would history have played out if Europe had remained Catholic?
  20. English Nationalist

    WI Protestant Hapsburg's

    So what if Queen Mary's false pregnancy was real and a daughter is born. So sometime in '55 a daughter is born who is named Catherine after the Queen's mother. However soon enough little Catherine is crowned and through the suspicions of the Spanish, a Protestant faction is successfully able to...