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  1. The Isles of Strangers: A Timeline of a Francophone Aotearoa
    Threadmarks: Chapter One: The Tragedies at La Rochelle and Ajaccio (1320-1660)

    Îles d’étrangers The Isles of Strangers: A timeline of a Francophone Aotearoa "One thing that is most remarkable about these islands and the people that inhabit them, is their persistent isolation and indifference to worldly affairs. The great war barely impacted them, as they continued their...
  2. Texas Bulldog

    Die Reënboog - A South African TL
    Threadmarks: A Death in Cape Town

    From The Rainbow Nation (1996): "1969 promised to be a big year for South Africa. Since the legalization of the African National Congress in 1963 and the formation of the Congress Coalition in 1964, the incumbent United Party was expected to be dethroned for the first time since 1933. Hopes...
  3. ArupinumMaivista

    Grand Prix: An alternate history of Formula 1
    Threadmarks: Introduction

    Grand Prix "Introduction" The year is 1954, and Grand Prix Racing is entering its 8th official season since the end of the Second World War. The Golden Age of Grand Prix Racing had died long ago in 1939 when the War began, and the names of Tazio Nuvolari, Rudolf Caracciola, Bernd Rosemeyer...
  4. JacobB17

    WI Woodrow Wilson was re-elected and became a Nazi?

    Woodrow Wilson died in 1924 after suffering a stroke a few years earlier. He was seeking a third term at the time of his death, so this scenario explores what could've happened if he survived and was re-elected. Wilson was very racist and, especially in his later years, delusional. It's not...
  5. JCC the Alt Historian

    WI: Barry the Rescue Engine Released in the 1980s

    For those who are not apart of the Railway Series or the Thomas the Tank Engine Fandom, Barry the Rescue Engine was a book in The Railway Series that was created sometime during the 1980s by Christopher Awdry, but was cancelled before it could be published. This book in the Railway Series would...
  6. JCC the Alt Historian

    AHC: How Togo would fare under the rule of Czechoslovakia.

    After World War I, there was a discussion about giving the former German Empire colony of Togoland to the newly independent country Czechoslovakia. However, this plan never fell through, and instead Togo was put under French (most of the colony) and British(the small Western section that would...
  7. Sarthak

    Neo-Sassanid Restoration in 1925 Iran.

    In 1924-25 when the Iranians were hunting for a new monarch for the country, according to مسابقه برای یک سلطنت جدید a minor Iranian noble from Khorasan, Farhad Qademe Al-Malik was offered the Iranian throne. He was the last documented direct descendant of the Mikalid Dynasty, who were the last...
  8. Images from Twilight: 2000

    In order to understand this timeline. The year is 2000.The year of Twilight War. 5 years since the Sino-Soviet conflict escalated into a full-blown war as dragging both Western Powers and Eastern Powers into the cycle of destruction. In Europe, the theater of operations had been fought to a near...
  9. AHC: Democrats make significant gains in 1946 elections under Truman

    In 1946 Republicans made great gains taking the house and senate under Truman. So how could fortunes reverse for the democrats where they actually gain a significant amount of seats adding to their super-majority in 1946
  10. Gogomonow

    The End of the World as we Know it: What if the Cold War Went Nuclear?
    Threadmarks: Introduction

    A/N: I made the first two parts of this timeline a while age, now I am posting them to this site with some rewriting (and a changed POD). I will be posting the next two parts over the next few days, then I a going to finish writing part three and make even more of them. Anyways I hope you enjoy...
  11. Gogomonow

    Not The End: What if the Cuban Missile Crisis Went Nuclear?

    A/N: I made the first two parts of this timeline a while age, now I am posting them to this site with some rewriting. I will be posting the next two parts over the next few days, then I a going to finish writing part three and make even more of them. Anyways I hope you enjoy! Introduction: In...
  12. Images from The Anglo/American-Nazi War

    Really, really want to show some pictures to understand what’s really happened ITTL by @CalBear. The mental deterioration of Hitler during the ignition of Hot War, 1954 Paris after the destruction at the hand of SD and Ensatzgruppen. No ones bother to rebuild it after the War. F-4 Phantoms...
  13. Sarthak

    New Zealand asks for Integration instead of Dominionship in 1907?

    While it is today much overlooked, according to the British Colonization of New Zealand and Colonization and Development of New Zealand, there was a semi-strong anti-dominion sentiment in New Zealand which was then used by ardent imperialists in the opposition to try and gain concessions from...
  14. WI: The Enterprise completes its five year mission (Star Trek survives for 5 seasons)
    Threadmarks: Article 1: NBC Reevaluating Primetime Lineup

    One of the worst decisions ever made by a television network was NBC's cancellation of Star Trek (the Original Series) after its third season in 1969. After two years of middling ratings placed Star Trek in the Friday Night death time slot, at 10:00 PM, so fewer fans would be able to watch the...
  15. the Imperium of Canada

    AHC: Break the United Kingdom apart by 1960

    The challenge here is with a divergence post 1900, have the United Kingdom break apart into it's constituent countries by 1960. Bonus points if the break-up is peaceful and not the result of being forcibly broken up after being invaded and occupied or a civil war.
  16. What happens to Judaism Post-Holocaust Without Israel?

    I’ve seen tons of threads asking what would happen to the Jews if there is no Israel post-Holocaust (ie where Palestine is defeated in the 1948 War or if the British declare the Balfour Declaration void, etc) but I’ve never seen a thread on here which asks what happens to Judaism itself in such...
  17. coffeebreakcigarette

    119 : Twin Suns Taboo
    Threadmarks: The Day of Three Suns

    DECLASSIFIED CONVERSATION BETWEEN FORMER PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES POWELL AND AMBASSADOR TO PERU JOHN RANDLE HAMILTON CP : "Hello Mister Hamilton" JRH : "Good day to you, Secretary of State" [DEEP BREATH, PROBABLY JHR] CP : "I am in an important meeting right now, Ambassador. It must...
  18. WI: UN Decides Not To Create Israel

    In the wake of the Holocaust, the United Nations decided to formally create the state of Israel in 1947. But what if the UN decided against it? What would happen to the Jews already in Palestine (over 500,000) and the Palestinian Arabs. Furthermore, what happens to Judaism and the Jews outside...
  19. AltoRegnant

    DBAHC: End Monarchism

    Otl, Monarchy has survived a long ass time in some form or another. Currently the British, German and Russian empires are the strongest nations on earth, each balancing democracy and monarchy in their own way. Though most would say Britain is basically a republic instead of a kingdom. Your...
  20. AltoRegnant

    AHC: Wank Twentieth Century France

    The twentieth century was... rough for france. Docked to second place in continental europe as Germany rose and third on the world stage with America. The world wars decimated their population and led to the fall of the empire. While France is still a word power, the republic is more around #7...