1. WI: Sebastian of Portugal marries Margaret of France
    Threadmarks: Chapter One - The Betrothal

    Since he was very young, the subject of the marriage of King Sebastian I of Portugal was one of much discussion at the court of the Paço da Ribeira. Shortly after his birth, which happened two weeks after the death of his father, Fernando Abarca Maldonado, a doctor who had come with Joanna of...
  2. MittleGittle

    The Inheritance of Spain

    A simple challenge. Take the inheritance of Spain after the death of Isabella I, you may keep any of her children alive, and kill anyone, just take the ascension in as many ways as possible.
  3. Coluber

    DBWI - Could Portugal exist without the Buri/Bouros?

    I've read and contributed to these forums for almost two years now. I've enjoyed reading many threads; LiarLiarPantsonFire's question regarding the fate of Jaille following the hypothetical defeat of Syagrius at the hands of Frankish king Clovis was intriguing, even if renaming the country from...
  4. kasumigenx

    Espanha: a Castillan-Portuguese timeline
    Threadmarks: Chapter 1

    On December of 1461, Charles, Prince of Viana would recover from a bout of poisoning and would marry Madeleine of France, his former betrothed Catherine of Portugal would be forced to go to a nunnery due to this and the King of Aragon would be a puppet of the French when he rose to the crown in...
  5. British Biscuit

    WI: Portugal wins the Colonial War?

    Despite facing backlash and criticism both at home and abroad over the wars in Angola, Guinea & Mozambique, the Portuguese Armed Forces were reported to have been rather successful on the battlefield in at least 2 out of the 3 theaters...
  6. Habsburg Portugal

    Mary I of Portugal, before she married his uncle Peter III, was thinking to marry the future Joseph II of HRE and Áustria. What if this marriage happens?
  7. Portuguese Victory at the Battle of Alcácer Quibir

    This hasn't been brought up for a while, so I figured I would throw out the question, what potentially could have occurred if the Portuguese won the Battle of Alcácer Quibir. The Battle was fought between Portugal and Morocco, which led to a devastating Moroccan victory including the death of...
  8. kasumigenx

    Portuguese-Majapahit win at Daha(a TL sketch/concept)

    This is a TL concept I have been playing for a while... Portuguese-Majapahit win at Daha 1517, the Portuguese-Majapahit alliance wins at Daha with Demak defeated. 1518 Eleanor of Austria marries John III of Portugal and Charles I of Spain marries Isabella of Portugal 1520 The...
  9. kasumigenx

    WI: Portugal easily takes over Majapahit territory after Brawijaya VII's death

    Since Brawijaya VII died allied with the Portuguese and the Portuguese discovered and have some knowledge of their lands, they have some mandate and rights over it. I think Portugal can take over the territory of Brawijaya VII and get the recognition of the Mandalas easily, the issue regarding...
  10. OxSpace

    AHC: Iberia in the Age of Nationalism

    Hey, I've been searching around the sub but couldn't find anything regarding Iberia during the long nineteenth century regarding Iberian nationalism and what seeds would need to be planted for such a unification to be possible. There was a small movement calling for such unity, but it was just...
  11. WI a more successful Carnation Revolution?

    Today, my MP made sure that her social media followers would know that today was the anniversary of Portugal's Carnation Revolution. Portugal's aging, colony-happy autocracy has been brought down by this, the first successful revolution of western Europe in the 1970s. Did this revolution set a...
  12. Iron_Lord

    What if (here we go): The (newly created) Iberian Union joins the Axis Powers in 1939?

    If the Iberian Union (Spain and Portugal) joined the Rome-Berlin Axis and Invades France from the south during the Battle for France? (I know, this has probably already been done, however I have always wanted to see the Iberian Union come together) (edit: we are not talking about the original...
  13. GauchoBadger

    WI: Spanish Amazon basin?

    With a PoD somewhere between the Treaty of Tordesillas in 1494 and the Treaty of Madrid in 1750, how can we make it so that Spain, not Portugal, attains control of the Amazon river basin? Think Spanish control over roughly the OTL Brazilian states of Acre, Amazonas, most of Pará, Rondônia and...
  14. kasumigenx

    Valois Portugal
    Threadmarks: 2 sets of Broods and a proposal accepted

    Valois Portugal 2 sets of Broods and a proposal accepted 5 years of Mary of Burgundy Mary of Burgundy has given birth to a healthy boy named Francis on September 2, 1481, followed by a daughter named Isabella on May 10, 1484 and a son named Maximilian December 2, 1486, she would have felt...
  15. KingOnTheEdge

    The Death of Ferdinand: What If The Catholic Monarchs Didn't Come To Power?
    Threadmarks: Part The First

    The Death of Ferdinand: What If The Catholic Monarchs Didn't Come To Power? Our story begins, like so many others, on the field of battle in the year of our Lord 1476. This is the battle of Toro, part of the War of The Castilian Succession. Two armies, both alike in dignity and prestige, fight...
  16. Thriving Pomegranate Seeds: A Trastámara Spain Timeline
    Threadmarks: Introduction

    Hello everyone, I've been reading and commenting on this site for a while and I thought I'd give the whole writing thing a try. As you may be able to tell by the title, this will be a timeline about Spain, and the rest of the world. It will start with a POD in 1492, with four major changes for...
  17. KingOnTheEdge

    DBAHC: Create This Spanish Empire

    Found this massive Spanish Empire- though apparently didn't hold quite all this at once or even under the kingdom of Spain- the Pink was claimed through some dynastic shenanigans and they inherited Portugal somehow as well, but I have no clue about that other stuff all over the place
  18. KingOnTheEdge

    WI: Miguel De Paz, Prince of Portugal Survives

    There was an attempt in 1498 to unite all Iberia under one personal union into a super Spain, under Miguel Da Paz, heir to Portugal, Castile and Leon, which he would get from Grandpa and Grandma Ferdinand and Isabella. Unfortunately, he died at age two, and the idea of all hispania being united...
  19. KingOnTheEdge

    AHCWI: Portugal Conquers Morocco By 1415

    The Kingdom of Portugal, established in the eleven hundreds, never had a lot of land in europe, or even north africa- it would be an equatorial power, more than anything, given Brazil, Mozambique and Angola. However, Portugal did have Ceuta after 1415 up to 1668. What I want to know, is if there...
  20. kasumigenx

    Dois Países – a Tale of the Two countries
    Threadmarks: Sold lands?

    Dois Países – a Tale of the Two countries Sold lands? On the late 15th century the Bruneian fleet embarking to Tondo would sink to the bottom of the oceans never to be found again, that was to the land which is a Mandala of Majapahit and is loyal to the Majapahit, after the death of Bolkiah...