1. BelfastBrawler

    Poll: WFC #226 - The Ol' Switcharoo

    Here are the first two contestants, splitting the contestants into two posts due to the fact i can only upload 10 attachments
  2. Gokbay

    Don't Ask Why, Ghana or Brazil?

    What the title says.
  3. Petike

    Weekly Flag Challenge #224 Voting poll

    Weekly Flag Challenge 224: Nunarput og Førroyar
  4. FriendlyGhost

    Poll for Flag Challenge № 222: Atlantis
    Threadmarks: Challenge and entries

    This was the challenge: Flag Challenge № 222: Atlantis Atlantis ... island of myth and legend. Your challenge is to design a flag for this fabled land. You may use any Atlantis you want, from the original Greek stories to modern science fiction versions, or make up your own back-story. (If...
  5. FriendlyGhost

    Poll for Writing Contest № 4: Let us pray...
    Threadmarks: Poll is open

    My apologies that this poll is late going up - family commitments interfered on Monday then my memory failed me! Thank you to all the entrants in the fourth Writing Contest. Good luck to you all in the voting. This was the challenge: There were nine (yes, count 'em, nine!) entries. Here they...
  6. Poll Thread for Writing Contest No. 3. "Textbook Tank Bowl"
    Threadmarks: Poll thread is up

    This is the poll thread for Writing Contest No. 3. Textbook Tank Bowl. Here are the contestants, all quoted below. Poll is going up. It closes in 4 days.
  7. FriendlyGhost

    Poll for Writing Contest № 2: Wish you were here

    Thank you to all the entrants in the second Writing Contest. Good luck to you all in the voting. This was the challenge: There were seven (yes, seven!) entries. You can read them by following these quotation links to the posts in the contest thread:
  8. FriendlyGhost

    Poll for Weekly Flag Challenge № 212

    The Challenge: Flag Challenge 212: Not a Reconquista In a world where the Iberian Reconquista (see wiki article here) did not succeed in pushing the Moors* out of the peninsula, create a flag for a modern-day nation in the Iberian peninsula. It can be one of the nations from OTL, part-way...
  9. Skallagrim

    POLL: What's your favourite pre-modern England-wank scenario?

    Every country and every era has its typical potential for shameless wanking. England, prior to the modern era, has quite a lot of potential. There were several instances where the untimely death of one person ened up putting another (typically less suited) person on the throne. And quite...
  10. Eparkhos

    ETT's Official Worst Byzantine Emperor Poll

    Which of the listed Emperors (or Other) do you consider to be the worst? Why? Edit: You can vote multiple times
  11. Who is the King of America? (Discussion/Poll)

    This video goes into detail regarding the living descendants of George Washington, who as we all know turned down the possibility of becoming the first King of America. But what if instead he did? Who would be the monarch today?
  12. An Indian Timeline: Interest and Poll Thread

    I posted this on the TL Ideas You Have, but lack the wherewithal thread. However, I am going to try and write one anyway. I won't be able to post regularly, but I want to get my feet wet and explore the possibilities. Writing any one of these timelines is going to require a lot of research, but...
  13. SealTheRealDeal

    Could Italy have been knocked out in 1916?

    So the Trentino Offensive was meant to cut off the bulk of the Italian army from the rest of Italy and Austro-Hungarian forces nearly made it to the plains of Venetia before being checked by the Italians and forced to withdraw by the sudden Brusilov Offensive. Say Cardona fumbles the responce...
  14. FriendlyGhost

    Poll for Flag Challenge 196

    This was the challenge: Here are the entries:
  15. The Professor

    Poll for Flag Challenge 195

    The challenge: The entrants;
  16. Poll: Was Ford Right to Pardon Nixon?

    One of the most controversial (and most hated) decisions ever made by a US President was Ford's decision to pardon Nixon in the aftermath of Watergate. Nixon had clearly been guilty of obstruction of justice (we know this thanks to the smoking gun tape that triggered the resignation), but in one...
  17. TheMiddlePolitical

    Poll for my alternate timeline

    I am writing up ideas for scenarios. For elections I will be using President Inifinity-https://270soft.com/us-election-games/president-election-game-2016-infinity/ This means I really won't be using pre election polls consistently like most timelines on this forum. ( I will do some stuff leading...
  18. Your favorite areas of interest in the Early Middle Ages?

    What regions and historical areas of interest do you like the most in the Early Middle Ages (500-1000 AD)? What historical processes, empires, wars, social developments, economic advances, technological developments, do you think are good timeline material?