1. TheDoofusUser

    TL to go with other two Post 1900 TLs

    DW, I'm still working on that Huey Long Civil War TL Idea and am making proper progress on a Bob La Follette Sr. TL idea with a friend, just thought I'd give myself a third and final Post 1900 Project that would be focused on the main effects of post WW2 US Politics. So without further ado, here...
  2. TheDoofusUser

    Which Post 1900 Timeline should I write?

    I'm currently considering on what to do for my Before 1900 TL either being a redux of The Eternal Empire with added help from anyone who's interested or a Napoleonic TL where 1) Nappy and Josephine have a son, 2) Haiti is crushed, and 3) the French navy doesn't suffer the attrition that it faced...
  3. AltHistFromTheBackrooms

    Which one do you think would be a better first ATL for me to make on this site, and which one sounds more interesting?

    Guys! Scroll to the bottom of the thread or click on my signature! The title says what I’m asking. Feel free to share your thoughts on this below!
  4. Weekly Flag Challenge #285 Voting poll

    Entry 1: Zeleny Klyn, officially the Ukrainian Democratic Amur Republic (UDAR) The UDAR's independence from the Far Eastern Republic is sometimes known as the Charoite Divorce, a reference to the bloodless Charoite Revolution of 1966, which had led to the end of Chita's rule over Zeleny...
  5. Petike

    Weekly Flag Challenge #284 Voting poll

  6. Mikhail Gorbachev's New Union Treaty

    Recently, I learned how the Soviet Union attempted one certain reform before it fell apart. This was Mikhail Gorbachev's New Union Treaty to reform the country into a Union of Sovereign States, to make it more democratic and ensure equal rights for all its citizens. Many countries agreed to it...
  7. FriendlyGhost

    Poll for Weekly Flag Challenge № 275: United Crowns
    Threadmarks: Entries for WFC 275

    This was the challenge: Edited 2nd Oct to show flags without the need to click 'view attachment' multiple times.
  8. Which Byzantine Alternate History AH should I do?

    Vox Populi, Vox Dei.
  9. PolishMagnet

    共存共栄 - Common Peace, Common Wealth - STORY POLL

    The poll in my TL's thread is stuck as an old one, so I thought I'd make a new thread to run a new poll. The last poll I ran on a 3rd party site ended in a tie, so I wanted to keep one running for longer. It'll be open for one week. Please note "early" and "late" are relative and "early" does...
  10. POLL: Which of these American nations would've lasted the longest?

    As the title says, which of these now-defunct nations would survive the longest? The most obvious answer would be the CSA, which is exactly why it isn't on the list...
  11. Which of these men would've ruled Austria-Hungary the best after Franz Joseph's death in 1916? (POLL)

    Between Franz Joseph and Karl I, there were many members of the Habsburg line that were all dead by 1916. Who would've lead the then crumbling Austro-Hungarian Empire the best, hopefully preventing its collapse?
  12. TheDoofusUser

    WI : Lothair II Bosonid of Italy not poisoned, lives longer

    In our timeline, in 950 AD, Lothair II of the Bosonid Dynasty, King of Italy, died, many suspect poisoned, by Berengar of Ivrea, who later became Berengar II and attempted to usurp political power and legitimize himself only to see Otto I, King of Germany intervene and create the Holy Roman...
  13. AltoRegnant

    New TL Ideas

    Hey; it's another one of these threads. So i just canceled my old tl due to both loss of interest and the fact I just think it was getting bad (too... France wanky). but i already had a few new ideas. I might revamp it. Yet Another Roman Empire: What if the Latin Empire were to survive and...
  14. kasumigenx

    Which timeline concept do you like me to do

    I have timeline concepts that I am doing but I will prioritize one depending on the votes and popularity, meaning that I might greenlight everything but only prioritize one (and finish one). Balthasar Carlos -Balthasar Carlos survives, a Spanish wank and an Orleans Spain, and Spain absorbs...
  15. BelfastBrawler

    Poll-WFC #239

  16. Best Place to be a minority in the 20th century

    What place was the best place to be a minority in the 20th century in terms of social and economic standing and equality with the majority ethnic group and amount of persecution?
  17. BelfastBrawler

    Poll - WFC #237

    Flag Challenge #237: No humans allowed Seeing how the last challenge was Fantasy inspiried it seems only fitting the next one would be Sci Fi inspiried. The challenge is to design a flag for a nation or organization that is run solely by non-humans. Anything goes, sentient AIs, robots, aliens...
  18. Xanthoc

    Weekly Flag Challenge #236 - POLL

    FLAG CHALLENGE #236 - Vexillum Monstrum Make a flag belonging to a nation run by monsters! We might be passed Halloween, but that doesn't mean the Spookiness has to end! November 11th is just October 42nd, after all. The nation in question can be something classic, like a vampire kingdom or a...
  19. BelfastBrawler

    Poll: WFC #226 - The Ol' Switcharoo

    Here are the first two contestants, splitting the contestants into two posts due to the fact i can only upload 10 attachments
  20. Gokbay

    Don't Ask Why, Ghana or Brazil?

    What the title says.