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  1. सार्थक (Sārthākā)

    Providence and the United Kingdom: A British TL
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    What is this? Oh you know.......another Timeline? Don't you have like 2 ongoing timelines and multiple others? ......yes? *Sigh* what is it about? Basically a different history of Britain after the Crimean War to make a 'better' Britain. Better does not mean bigger though. The only land Britain...
  2. Eivind

    WW1: Central Powers victory: How long will the Ottoman Empire and Austria-Hungary last?

    Would these two empires disintegrate sooner or later anyway or could they manage too last? What would be the internal political developments in the three main central powers? In OTL, Germany saw a period of democracy followed by the world´s worst regime so far, before it gradually developed in a...