1. सार्थक (Sārthākā)

    How would an Eden Premiership from 45 turn out to be in Britain?

    Let's go with a scenario in which Churchill dies in 42 or 43, either through health reasons or the German navy or luftwaffe get lucky when churchill was moving around. Eden would be pushed in as the new PM. Let's say that Eden takes Macmillan and Butler's advise in early 43 which Churchill...
  2. The New Dawn – A British Political TL
    Threadmarks: Update #1 – 1997 Conservative Party leadership election

    The New Dawn – A British Political TL Given I have bunch of free time on my hand, I've decided to do redo a TL that I had plans for last year but never actually got around to posting or writing out fully. Its going to be chiefly focused on British politics in the late 90s and the 2000s, but I...
  3. Lab-Lib pact plausibility check

    So I've been playing around with Prime Minister Infinity and had a pretty solid run as the Liberals in 1950 and enjoyed myself so much I'm thinking of both making a continuation scenario and maybe a short timeline based on how a hypothetical Labour minority government with Liberal support would...