1. Basileus_Komnenos

    AHC: How Large can Napoleonic Poland Get?

    Assuming Napoleon ends up victorious, how large can Napoleonic Poland, the then Grand Duchy of Warsaw theoretically get? Would its status be upgraded to that of a Kingdom? Could Napoleon essentially restore the Commonwealth here, or at least retake a lot of its lost land?
  2. PolishMagnet

    AHC/Discussion: Poland as Switzerland of Eastern Europe

    With a PoD of just after the 3rd Partition (1795), how how realistic is it for Prussia, Russia and Austria to create a mini-Poland as a neutral buffer between them? Kind of like how Switzerland was created and its neutrality was enforced. The only possible way I see this happening is if the...
  3. Kaloryferowy

    Rump State of Poland in Western Europe

    Size: 7429 km² After the Second World War, the Polish government (Second Republic) in exile received an occupation zone in Germany, despite the protests of the Soviet Union. In flocked hundreds of thousands of newly freed Polish refugees in search for a new home. In the following peace, Poland...
  4. WI: Greater Luxemburgian Empire?

    Louis I of Hungary died in 1382 and was succeeded in his realms by his eldest daughter, Mary. Since Mary was still underage, the real power at the time rested in the hand of her mother, Elisabeth of Bosnia and the noble faction led by the then Palatine of Hungary, Miklós Garai. In the few years...
  5. Poland-Lithuania going into the XIX century. Who would be the king?

    So, I stumbled upon this timeline from nearly 5 years ago: No 2nd or 3rd Partition of Poland TL;DR: This is just my head cannon, but oh well. All credit for the facts and the timeline, I guess, go to the original thread OP and people replying. The PLC narrowly avoids the First Partition by...
  6. AHC: Hapsburg Poland

    As the title says, the challenge is make the Kingdom of Poland or Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth under the Hapsburg dynasty. What would be the butterfly effects of Hapsburg Poland or Hapsburg Polish-Lithuania?
  7. AltCongress of Viena with no Prussia, Dutchy of Danzig, Poland in XIV borders and Russian on the East

    No Second Miracle of the House of Brandenburg occured. After dismantling Prussia, Austria regaines Silesia, Saxony took over the New Marchia / Lubus land, which created a land connection with the Commonwealth of Poland. Sweden regained part of Pomerania and took over the area around Stettin...
  8. WI: No Solidarity

    In order to fund the costly industrial modernisation program, while at the same time expanding the production of consumer goods, the Party and State leadership of the Polish People's Republic took out huge loans from the capitalist camp (mainly the US and West Germany). However the industrial...
  9. Alexander, Grand Duke of Lithuania, dies in 1495

    For whatever reason Alexander Jagiellon, then Grand Duke of Lithuania, dies in January 1495, that is after his marriage with Helena of Moscow was decided but before she she arrived to Vilnius. What happens then? Alexander is likely succeeded by his brother John Albert, King of Poland (although...
  10. Basileus_Komnenos

    What are the Geopolitical Implications of a Centralized Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth?

    Assuming Poland-Lithuania manages to pull a Capet and gradually normalize the idea of hereditary succession (much like what happened in the HRE for the Habsburgs), and centralize into more of a united state, what would be the geopolitical ramifications of such an entity of a centralized...
  11. kasumigenx

    Silesian Cuttings as Polish-German Versailles border

    People have not discussed this border in this thread. The Silesian Cuttings basically splits the areas where there are Polish Majorities and the lands with German majorities. We could have Population exchanges as well for it to be plausible... https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Silesian_Przesieka
  12. Age of Griffins
    Threadmarks: Barnim VII

    Coat of arms of House of Griffin, one of the most important dynasties of late Medieval Europe. Born on July 1387 in Darłowo Castle in Duchy of Pomerania-Słupsk, second son of Duke Warcisław VII was given name common among members of Griffin Dynasty-Barnim. House of Griffin ruled Pomerania...
  13. Stenz

    PC: An East Prussian - Lithuanian Union?

    What if in the aftermath of WWI, the Entente had merged East Prussia with Lithuania as part of the Treaty of Versailles? The Lithuanians would receive a larger population, the Poles would be less likely to try revanchist schemes (or would they?) and the Soviets would see the new nation as less...
  14. kasumigenx

    DBWI: Poland does not get Upper Silesia from Maria Theresa and Frederick the Great siezes Silesia

    The cession of Upper Silesia by Maria Theresa to Poland under Frederick Augustus is said to be one of her most noble deeds and made the Wettins save the Polish-Lithuanian monarchy and the Wettins are still on it today...as the unification of the Polish Silesians with the rest of Poland was the...
  15. kasumigenx

    DBWI:No Margherita di Savoya, Queen of Poland, would Poland still be liberated from the Russians

    From what I read, Margherita of Savoy married Archduke Frederick of Cieszyn who became the King of restored Poland with Cieszyn and Galicia as the nucleus of the new restored Poland, due to the marriage Garibaldi shifted to Poland after the Risorgimento finished and liberated the Congress Poland...
  16. WI: Molotov-Ribbentrop War

    I had this idea for WW2 scenario in 1939. So let's say the Molotov-Ribbentrop pact never happens or it fails and the Soviets align with the British and the French in a negotiation which did happen in OTL. So in this alternate scenario for heavens sake have Germany invade Poland in August 1939...
  17. Rothbardian21

    Poland's Future in a successful Tsarist Empire

    What would be the outcome for Poland if the Russians had concentrated the bulk of their forces on Germany in 1914 and won the war?? Grand Duke Nikolai's manifesto statement ("unite in an autonomous state under the sceptre of the Russian tsar…free in faith, language and self-rule") seems very...
  18. Vitalis

    Could the Commonwealth become a Great Power?

    Say, had Poland-Lithuania been a strong state, with it's entire history from the 15 century onwards changed, with, say, the ocean access through friendly Denmark (maybe due to same dynasty), could it aquire colonies in Africa and Asia? What would be it's chances to be a Great Power? At least...
  19. The Eternal Commonwealth: A surviving Polish- Lithuanian Commonwealth TL
    Threadmarks: Prelude

    Part 1: Prelude The years 1385 and 1386 were crucial moments for the Kingdom of Poland and Grand Duchy of Lithuania. Poland was ruled by an underage queen while Lithuania was ruled by a recently converted Christian. With the conversion of Grand Duke Jogaila in 1345 came his marriage to...
  20. KingOnTheEdge

    DBAHC: Wank The Rus

    Otl, since the fall of the Kievan Rus, the territory that might otherwise be a sort of rusland has never really united. Sweden and Poland jockeying for influence over the region never helped. Your goal is to make a major power out of the region.