1. WI: Edward of Westminester survives and have a son

    Let's say that while Battle of Tewkesbury is still a total victory for Edward York and his supporters, Few Knights fighting for Henry Lancaster realized that the battle is lost before it's too late, and Lancasterian heir, Edward of Westminster, Prince of Wales is dragged off the...
  2. SunZi

    WI: Philip II "Augustus" drowned at Gisors in 1198

    On 27 September 1198 a skirmish took place between King Richard I of England and Philip II of France in Gisors, the latter was defeated and forced to flee but he and his knights caused a bridge to collapse on their way and King Capetian lack of drowning. Lionheart does not exploit this victory...
  3. Henderson

    Rex Juvenis - An Angevin Timeline
    Threadmarks: Chapter I - Henry II

    Rex Juvenis - An Angevin Timeline “You would have been king of the noble and emperor of the brave, lord, if you had lived longer, for you had gained the name Young King; you were indeed the guide and father of youth. And hauberks and swords, and beautiful buckram, helmets and gonfalons...
  4. Euphemios

    What historically spurred London to become such a hotbed of dissent?

    The city: Chased out Queen Matilda during the Anarchy, 1141, Openly supported Louis the Lion in his invasion during the Barons' War, 1215-, Opened its gates to the insurrectionaries during the Peasants' Revolt, 1381-, Locked out the Lancastrians under Margaret of Anjou during the Readeption...
  5. SunZi

    Beyond the King's river — A timeline of Joan of Arc's death
    Threadmarks: I.A maid dies and the Dauphin falls

    France is, in the first quarter of the 15th century, in a serious situation where its fate seems to be at stake; after the victory of Agincourt and the formation of the Anglo-Burgundian alliance, King Henry V of England succeeds to impose a treaty in Troyes on the mad French monarch Charles VI...
  6. ImperialxWarlord

    What if Empress Matilda won the anarchy?

    As the title goes, what if at some point she was able to decisively win the war and become the undisputed queen of England? What changes?
  7. Euphemios

    No Plantagenet Reconcilement, what happens to the succession?

    The Revolt of 1173 had the three elder sons of Henry II, his wife, and the barons all in open rebellion against him. Assuming it was suppressed by force and not defused as historically, what will be done with the insurrectionaries? Are Henry, Richard and Geoffrey attainted somehow in favour of...
  8. WI: Happy Plantagenet Family, no revolts or familial strife (at least in the first two generations)

    This is a little bit earlier than I usually focus, so don’t hesitate educate me. So, what if Henry II and Eleanor of Aquitaine had a really happy marriage? What if their children didn’t fight Henry II or each other? What kind of effect would Eleanor have on court life since she won’t spend so...
  9. Names for the First Plantagenet King of Burgundy

    Ehm, i have a idea of a united kingdom of England and Burgundy, and the TL is that Richard marries ATD of the Bold, but how i should name him there are the options
  10. WI: Henry V had second, healthy son

    Let's say that while Henry V of England died like OTL in 1422, he was able to father with Catherine of Valois another son. This child is born after his death, but unlike his older brother, he is both mentally and physically healthy. This way, during his entire reign Henry VI have an obvious...
  11. kasumigenx

    Angevin Loss Should the Plantagenets inherit Flanders and Latin Empire

    Angevin Loss Should the Plantagenets inherit Flanders and Latin Empire via Margaret of Flanders, since Joanna of Flanders gets captured as OTL in that timeline.
  12. Black Prince remarries

    What if Black Prince was widowed not long after birth of Richard II and marries Constance of Castile, OTL duchess of Lancaster as his second wife (John of Gaunt likely marries her sister Isabel instead). Say that Black Prince has at leas one child with her. What would be effects? Most obvious...
  13. CaptainShadow

    Possibilities for a Richard of Conisburgh TL?

    Richard of Conisburgh (1) is one of the most interesting (IMHO) figures of 15th century England. Known as the "poorest of earls". He was father to the richest man in England and claimant to the throne, Richard,Duke of York (2). So,my question is what are the possible PoDs for a surviving...
  14. Martinus Padueius

    White Ship, White Cliffs (William Adelin lives)
    Threadmarks: A Close Call, November 25, 1120

    So I did a thing. Was gonna post a discussion thread first but after googling I found like ten threads on this topic so I read up. I plan for this TL to be a mix of story-like prose updates like this one, and narrative history-type updates, with more of the latter than the former. Think John...
  15. The Professor

    An AngloFrench union but both divided

    Basically, the situation is that the Crowns of England and France are united but both are disputed to the extent that the AngloFrench dynasty have neither Northern England nor Southern France (which are under rival claimants). How do we get here? What's the status of Wales, Lordship of Ireland...
  16. WI: Edward of Westminster and Edward IV Switched Personalities?

    Just as the title says, this plays around with the idea that the son of Henry VI and Margaret of Anjou, Edward of Westminster (b. 1453), has Edward IV's personality whereas Richard, 3rd Duke of York and Cecily Neville's son, Edward, Earl of March/Edward IV (b. 1442), has Edward of Westminster's...
  17. The_Persian_Cat

    WI: A Plantagenet HRE?

    Hello everyone. So, Richard of Cornwall, son of King John of England and brother of Henry III, was elected King of Germany in 1257, and formally held that title until his death in 1272. However, he was never crowned Holy Roman Emperor by the Pope, and his kingship over Germany was contested by...
  18. kasumigenx

    DBWI: No Plantagenet Naples

    From what I have heard the marriage between Joanna I of Naples and John of Gaunt in 1362 is the major factor in the eventual plantagenet victory against the Valois on the Decades-long French war of Succession, the son of Joanna I of Naples named John I of Naples married Maria of Sicily, their...
  19. GauchoBadger

    WI: John Balliol only has a daughter, who marries Edward II of England?

    Basically, assume that the disputed Scottish king, John Balliol, has a daughter by Isabella de Warenne instead of OTL's Edward Balliol. Somehow it is also arranged that this princess would marry Edward of Carnavon, future Edward II of England (given that both would be roughly of similar age)...
  20. kasumigenx

    A woman and a battle – a Lancastrian TL
    Threadmarks: A woman and a battle

    A woman and a battle – a Lancastrian TL A woman and a battle Freepedia Catherine of France Catherine was betrothed to Charles, Count of Charolais, the Burgundian heir, in accordance with the Treaty of Arras between France and Burgundy from 1435. In 1438, Charles visited the French court with...