photos from alternate worlds

  1. Photos from the Catherverse

    I just thought I'd start a thread for photos and images from the Catherverse timeline created by @Chipperback For more information, follow the links:
  2. Shahanshah of Xsassa

    The Geographical Pivot of History: A Darker KR TL

    Photos, Infoboxes and other graphical works designed to show my idea for a planned TL.
  3. Petike

    Photos from Alternate Worlds II (read FAQ first)
    Threadmarks: Welcome ! (Introduction)

    The original Photos from Alternate Worlds, started by Tetsu in 2005, was one of the first major threads on to deal with "media from alternate worlds" as its premise. After more than 12 years (!), that thread reached the end of its life with nearly 500 pages of content and has been closed...