1. BiteNibbleChomp

    Patton in Korea/MacArthur in the White House
    Threadmarks: Part I, Chapter 1

    On December 23, 1950, a tragedy occurred in a land that had suffered a tragic six months. Korea, once colonised, now divided, was again a battlefield as the great powers fought for control of East Asia. Having consumed the lives of thousands of soldiers, and untold numbers of local civilians...
  2. Gukpard

    Adna R. Chaffe Jr. replaces Patton.

    In OTL Adna Chaffe, the father of the US armoured corps died of Cancer in 1941 at a relatively young age of 56. Patton is one of the most well respected (and for many in the forum the best) commander of the USA forces in WWII for his hole in Algeria and in the battle of the France, especially...
  3. RedTerra

    AHC: Better Strategy on the Western Front? [WWII]

    Lately I've been reading about military theories and strategists like Sun Tzu, Clausewitz, Jomini, Sherman, and so on, and I'd like to hear what the Allies could have done different or better? Whether when WWII started, or after Britain was ejected out of mainland Europe, D-Day, etc...
  4. KuboCaskett

    WI: Patton Goes Rogue and Takes Prague in 1945? It seemed that ol' Gen "I Read Your Book!" Patton was quite set on taking the city of Prague right as the uprising there took place and before the Soviets came in. Understandably, the Allied high...
  5. Lancashire Life: An account of The Great Patriotic War

    John "Shut up, you little bastard" John looked up at the bedroom window, in alarm, expecting the angry shout from Brian to be accompanied by an equally angry face. Luckily - luckily for him - there was no face, just the flutter of the dark brown curtain moving across the open window. His older...
  6. let it be war!

    Patton sits in his office devising a plan to invade the Soviets he believes we should strike know while we have full strength. What if the Soviet and the Americans when to war right after ww2 what affect would this have? Who would win? How would it start?