1. ZeroFrame

    Hell or Highwater: Buddy Cianci and the Decade of Malice

    What is this? A timeline where an underrated figure from Rhode Island becomes president. His name is Buddy Cianci. At one point he was considered a rising star in the Republican Party so I got an idea. Why? I got bored at school. How long will this last? Hopefully until I finish it or get...
  2. GameBawesome

    Had the Darien Scheme been successful, would the Act of Union happen?

    The Darien Scheme was one of the most disastrous colonization attempts in history. It was attempted by Scotland, by the Company of Scotland, to colonize the Isthmus of Panama to make a trading colony between the Atlantic and Pacific. It was plagued by problems, including plague (mostly Tropical...
  3. FernandoPerla

    Gran Colombia

    Gran Colombia was a massive country that was composed of Colombia, Venezuela, Ecuador and Panama from 1819 to 1831. Do you think it could still be existing today? If so, how? What impact do you think its existence would have in Latin America, and the rest of the world?
  4. AHC: Darien scheme succeeds

    Not a lot of people know that Scotland attempted to establish colonies in the Americas. One attempt, known as the Darien scheme, saw the Scottish attempt to establish a trading settlement on the Isthmus of Panama. This attempt was such a disaster that it ruined the Scottish economy. Its failure...
  5. GameBawesome

    Alternate History Idea-Independent Scottish Caledonia

    (A more outlandish idea of mine) What if in alternate timeline, the Kingdom of Scotland colony in Panama was Successful, fighting of the Spanish, English and keeping a steady supply, until it becomes self-efficient. This however still doesn’t save Scotland from the Act of Union of 1707...
  6. AHC: Earliest possible Panama Canal

    Inspired by a recent game of Eu4, where I managed to build the Panama Canal as the Aztecs in 1767! Obviously that specific scenario is very implausible, but what's the earliest possible time the canal could have been built? The only rule is technology has to progress at the same rate as OTL.
  7. GauchoBadger

    WI: Jenkin's Ear properly avenged

    What if the british had not suffered or treated better the outbreak of scurvy before the Battle of Cartagena De Indias (1741) that led to them being defeated by a vastly outnumbered spanish colonial force? From what i remember, the british aims in the war were capturing the ports of: -Havana...
  8. Chapman

    WI: The US invades Venezuela in 1977?

    For the purposes of a story i'm currently writing, I was hoping to get some insight on this. The essential idea is that, at the signing of the Torrijos–Carter Treaties in 1977, President Jimmy Carter is assassinated by hard-line Communist terrorists from Venezuela, Panama, and Cuba. In response...
  9. AHC: Panama as a US state

    Using a post 1900 POD, how can Panama be made into a US state?
  10. ronaldo


    As Brazil Empire could become the THIRD superpower and power during the Cold War to have a third block (I have the idea of a block that defends the monarchy), how could the Western world be divided into Brazil and the United States, What would be the vision of Americans with the South American...
  11. Miranda's Dream. ¡Por una Latino América fuerte!.- A Gran Colombia TL
    Threadmarks: Chapter 1: Start of the Independence Wars.

    Special thanks to the users Nivek and MorningDew. “…We shall never recognize any government of the homeland as legitimate, except one elected by the free and spontaneous will of the people; and since the republican system is the most adaptable one to the government in the Americas, we...