1. सार्थक (Sārthākā)

    Bayezid the Thunderbolt wins the Battle of Ankara - Effects?

    The Battle of Ankara almost ended the Ottoman Empire iotl. Iotl, Bayezid I arrived on the battlefield on the 19th, but decided to camp instead of attacking immediately when Timur's army was strung out and could have been defeated piecemeal as advised by Stephan Lazarevic. Let's say Bayezid takes...
  2. Averious

    Our Fractured Crown: An Eastern Roman Timeline
    Threadmarks: An Author's Starting Word

    "It is easier to find men whom are willing to volunteer themselves unto death, than those whom are willing to endure pain with patience," - Gaius Julius Caesar -- No, your eyes do not deceive you. Yes, I have returned, and yes this is an entirely new thread with the same name as the previous...
  3. kasumigenx

    Palaiologos Sicilia
    Threadmarks: A cancelled betrothal and a perfect match

    On 1378, Maria of Sicily would change her plans in marrying Gian Galleazzo and instead decided to marry another man, she knew the possible implications of the possible marriage and she realized that the barons and nobility of Sicily were against the marriage of Maria of Sicily and Gian...
  4. Lady Visenya

    Andronikos III Palaiologos lives 16 years longer

    So, let's say he manages to avoid whatever illness it was that claimed him. How would things go with Andy III making it to the age of 60 (his grandfather died at 75, and his son at 58, so it's not entirely unlikely) rather than up and dying when he did?
  5. Sevarics

    What if all five children of Emperor Theodore II of Nicaea were sons?

    IOTL Theodore II of Nicaea had four daughters and one son. The son, John IV, was among Theodore’s youngest. However what if John’s older sisters had been born boys instead? Would Michael Palaiologoi have been able to usury the throne against an adult Laskarid emperor following Theodore’s death?
  6. kasumigenx

    WI Palaiologos Aragon

    What if the Montferrat Palaiologos inherit Aragon, would they try to reconquer Constantinople? IOTL they gained a claim to Majorca. I think the Montferrat, sons of the claimant to Majorca could have a male issue that could marry Joanna of Aragon b. 1375, how would a Palaiologos Aragon affect...
  7. pls don't ban me

    Palaiologos in 1800 Greece

    When Greece regained independence in the 800' they trie to find a surviving descendant of the last byzantine emperor Costantine XI as Wikipedia also states: "Beyond Constantine's martyrdom, the Palaiologos dynasty had a lasting impact on the Greeks throughout the centuries of Ottoman rule...
  8. Eparkhos

    The Ruins of Rome: A Byzantine Collpase Timeline

    Before the Fall: The Venetian Expedition of 1280 (Kriti) The First Genoese-Mangyup War (1280) (Gothia) The Rhomano-Angevin War: The Fall...
  9. Surviving Palaiologos

    Constantine XI the last ERE emperor died without children while he's only relative in monferrat and morea followed him soon. pod: WI Constantine had a male child and the dynasty survived through the story until the Greek Independence war, would he be re crowned king/basileous of a reborn...
  10. ByzantineCaesar

    WI: Elena of Bulgaria, Empress of Nicaea, outlives Theodore II

    Elena Asenina was the wife of Byzantine Emperor Theodore II Laskaris in the mid 13th century. Her husband was a great reformist who attempted to break the power of the big aristocracy, but his early death doomed his dynasty and his reforms. IOTL he was succeeded by his young son John IV, with...