1. Oba Cahokia

    AHC: Bulgarian-Byzantine Empire with an Ottoman Dynasty

    Come up with a short timeline where the Bulgaria and the Byzantine Empire merge politically with each other but the last surviving ruling family is the House of Osman controlling lands in the Balkans and Anatolia. Bonus Points for having the empire be a sweet blend of Bulgarian and Byzantine...
  2. What if India focused Ottomans from Suleyman onwards?

    The POD is that after Selims successful conquest of Mamelukes Ottoman state puts emphasis on Expanding into Middle East and towards India with the ultimate goal being to gain control of Indian and Indonesian trade/territory. Basra and various Red Sea ports are used as bases and locals are allied...
  3. Plausibility of, and effects of an earlier Suez Canal

    Once of the major reasons for the decline of the Ottoman Empire and the rise of Western European Powers was the weakening of the stranglehold the Turks had over trade with Asia. The invention of the caravel made long ocean voyages possible, and Spanish/Portuguese navigators made great strides...
  4. Coqui

    Former SSRs going monarchist?

    I'm helping a friend work on their world for a video game, and part of it involves monarchism becoming a hot button issue during the cold war. Assuming that the USSR still collapses on schedule while monarchism is not only seen as a valid, but secures certain political alliances (at least...
  5. Oba Cahokia

    How would the Ottomans and Austria Hungary collapse after WW1 in a Central Powers Victory?

    What would be the countries they split into, how much longer will they last before falling apart, what would the borders look like, What impact would this have on the rest of the world?
  6. phil03

    AHC/WI: Make the Great Turkish War as Disastrous as Possible for the Ottomans

    What it says on the title. In OTL The Great Turkish War was the Ottomans' first significant and it is fair to say they never truly got back to where they were before the Second Siege of Vienna but they nonetheless managed to recover well enough from it and remained very much a great power until...
  7. Oba Cahokia

    If the Ottomans lost all their European holdings including Western Constantinople to Bulgaria how would this affect the Armenian Genocide?

    I'm making a timeline and I'm not sure how the Ottomans would react or what they would to the Armenians. I'm trying to avoid thr Armenian genocide possibly get a Armenian state after WW1 in Central Powers timeline.
  8. Neutral Ottomans (With Ataturk) & Central Powers Italy

    I am toying around with the idea of a Central Powers victory in WW I where Italy joins the Central Powers and the Ottomans barely manage to stay neutral (or maybe join when it is already clear that the CP are going to win) and also have Ataturk in power or close to that. Also I am thinking...
  9. Mamluk Egypt Gunpowder Empire

    what if Mamluk Egypt became a Gunpowder Empire like Ottomans and Safavids and leading to a three way balance of power in middle east
  10. Taunay

    Surviving First Constitutional Era = Ottoman Wank?

    I'm reading a book that touches a little bit on Ottoman history and saw this passage: Reading that, it seems like the closing of the Parliament in 1878 weakened the Ottoman Empire even more. Is it then possible to say that a surviving Parliament would make the Empire a bit more stable? I don't...
  11. Ottoman Austria=French domination of Europe

    what if Ottomans conquered Austria and Bohemia. Will France win every balance of power war in the future because Austria was their biggest continental opponent in OTL?
  12. PC/WI: Caliphate Survives to Present-Day like the Papal States/Vatican

    Plausibility Check on one of the Caliphates (Abbasid or Ottomans) surviving to the present day as a primarily religious state, similar to the Papal States or the Vatican. Also threw in the possibly of a new Caliphate under the Saudis. Some possible POD's: 1258 - Mongols sack Baghdad, but...
  13. PC/WI: Central Powers Win WWI but the Ottomans go Italy

    Let's say that the Central Powers manage to win WWI, but the Ottoman's war with Britain weakens them where they can't hold Arabia after a few years. Blaming the Germans and Austrians for not doing enough to help their empire, the Ottomans eventually adopt a fascist-style government and join the...
  14. WI: Nicopolis Crusade Succeeds

    The Nicopolis Crusade was a failed effort in 1396 to stop the expansion of the Ottoman Empire. Lack of competent leadership, numbers, and supplies was what doomed the expedition and allowed Bayezid of the Ottoman Empire to mop them up. Assuming the crusade was able to get more numbers (England...
  15. AdamNeuser

    Plausible outcomes of Timur not coming to power?

    Timur's reign is largely considered to have been quite detrimental to Ottoman expansion and the survival of the Golden Horde and Delhi Sultanates. What would some of the outcomes have been had he not come to power?
  16. RonaldReagram

    Did the Ottoman Turkish language have a chance?

    Ottoman Turkish - the empire's Persianized language, used for poetry and administration. Ataturk's language reform put it to rest as a relic of its namesake, no longer needed by a republic. Barring the decisive Turkish republican victory in the 1920's, was the court language's displacement in...
  17. Sarthak

    Ottoman Libya?!

    During the Allied occupation of Libya after ww2 Osman Fuad who remained extremely popular with the Libyan populace was approached by some Libyan notables (like al-Sennusi) to become the King of Libya. Osman Fuad rejected the offer iotl and the crown went to Idris. But what if Osman Fuad had...
  18. RonaldReagram

    PC: Ottomans 'abdicate' the Caliphate?

    On the tin. Is there any rationale or benefit for the Ottoman sultan to willingly transfer the Islamic caliphate itself to another Sunni order or family? Perhaps as a big step in a secularizing/modernizing campaign?
  19. Sarthak

    Charles XII marries an Ottoman Princess c. 1711

    While at first glance, even i thought this was a nonsensical idea, reading through Nasci num Harém by Fatema Mernissi it seems that the Haseki Sultan Gulnus Sultan, the mother of Ahmed III and basically the real ruler of the OE during Ahmed III's reign, was very taken with Charles XII. When she...
  20. AHC/WI: The US Declares War on the Ottomans and Gets Involved in the Middle East and Greece

    So somehow the US decides to get involved in the Middle East and Greece during WWI. How can it get involved? And assuming it gets involved how well will it do fighting the Ottomans? And when the Ottoman Empire gets partitioned what happens? Does the US gets to have a greater share of it...