ottoman interregnum

  1. Crusade of Nicopolis not on 1396 but after Ankara on 1402

    What if the crusade of Nicopolis didn't happen on 1396 but after the Battle of Ankara on 1402. Would the crusaders throw the Ottomans out of Europe and Asia Minor . Would Hungary take a lot of former Ottoman lands ? Would it under the Hunyadis be able to do what Ottomans did to the balkans ...
  2. elerosse

    Darkness before Dawn - Purple Phoenix 1416
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    PRELUDE - All Men Fall Dark clouds cover the nightly sky, a horse tail banner dances with small drizzle in the air, from afar a thundering noise could be heard, the angry waves of Aegean Sea crash unrelentingly into the rocky shoreline, a storm is coming. A young man in blue tunic with...