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  1. Mr_Fanboy

    Safavid Iran attacks the Ottoman Empire in the wake of the Battle of Vienna

    I am not an expert on either the history of the Ottoman Empire or Persia, but I found this paragraph from the Wikipedia article on the Battle of Vienna to be very interesting... So, what if the Shah, reasoning that this will be his best country's shot of taking back Baghdad for a while, had...
  2. AHC: Bayezid defeats Timur

    Your challenge is to have Bayezid I get the better of Timur, rather than the other way around.
  3. WI: The Holy League prevents the Ottoman conquest of Cyprus?

    Though the Battle of Lepanto was a significant defeat for the Ottoman Empire, it was a much less severe blow to them than losing Cyprus was to the Republic of Venice. Ottoman Grand Vizier Mehmed Sokullu boasted to Venetian emissary Marcantonio Barbaro that it was the difference between a shaved...
  4. GauchoBadger

    Situation of the Middle Eastern theater in a 1918 CP victory scenario?

    Basically, assume that the US under Wilson doesn't join WWI on the side of the Entente around 1917. The German Spring Offensive of Q2 1918, thus, is a success, forcing Britain and France to the negotiating table. The main question here is, what would happen in the Middle East theater, primarily...
  5. AHC: Create the largest possible Ottoman Empire

    Here's a relatively simple challenge. How much can you wank the Ottomans, and how large can you make them in the process?
  6. WI: The Ottomans take Malta

    What if the Great Siege of Malta had ended in an Ottoman victory? What repercussions might their triumph have had?
  7. Stenz

    PC: British intervention in the Ottoman Empire whilst neutral in WWI?

    So, in an ATL where Britain stays out of WWI (German respect of Belgium, better pre-war relations with Germany, an earlier Irish imbroglio, etc), what chance is there that London would still try something in the Ottoman Empire? I would assume a July Crisis that sees Britain “Happily...”...
  8. Antonio the Komnenoi

    AHC: The Ottoman Identity Question

    As the 19th and 20th centuries arrived, the Ottomans started facing the growing problem of nationalism and identity. With the age of multicultural Empires united by the legitimacy of the monarchy was ending, Nationalism tore the Empire apart and put them in the precarious position of OTL. While...
  9. The Crescent, Divided yet Indivisible
    Threadmarks: The Ottoman Succession Crisis of 1481-1482

    The Death of Mehmet II presented a turning point for the rising star of the Ottoman Empire. The Sultan Who Would Restore Rome had died before he could even properly begin his conquest of Italia, the great Kayser-i Rum had left behind an Empire who had shaken the very foundations of Europe by...
  10. WI: Cem becomes Ottoman Sultan instead of Beyazid II

    I haven't been able to find many sources on the third son of Mehmet II, and there are many conflicting information about him in what little I could actually find, (such as some claiming that he converted to Christianity after his exile, while some claim he was still loyal to Islam etc.) so I...
  11. Gokbay

    AHC: swap the fates of Ottoman and Russian Empires

    I have always considered the Russian and the Ottoman Empires to be closely mirroring each other in their last years. Both were more backwards and agricultural than the Western Europeans. Both had only recently moved toward constitutionalism. Their people were religious and their monarchies were...
  12. CaledonicMonster

    AHC: Industrialized Ottomans

    What is a way to have the Ottomans industrialize by the 1920s, or at least be in the process of industrialization, preferably with a PoD in the 19th century?
  13. AH Challenge- Immigration Reforms in the Ottoman Empire

    I want you to come up with a realistic plausibility within the Ottoman government to encourage Europeans to emigrant and convert to sunni islam as a "better alternative", mostly toward the younger generations. The number of immigrants needs to be up to 10.25 million during 1878 - 1914...
  14. What if Russia takes Constantinople in 1913?

    During the first Balkan war after the Balkan alliance's victory the only thing between the bulgarians and the Ottoman Capitol were the last deefensive line of the Chataldzha. At that point in most european capitals it was assumed that Constatinople falling to the bulgarians is only a matter of...
  15. WI: Selim I lives longer

    Selim I was one of the Ottoman Empire's most accomplished rulers. Despite reigning for only eight years, he enormously expanded the empire. His momentous success is widely considered to have laid the groundwork for the Ottoman Empire's zenith under his son and successor, Suleiman the...
  16. Ottoman Empire never rises, who else could fill the role?

    Let's say that, for one reason or another, the Ottoman Empire never rose. Was there some other Muslim polity, maybe some other Anatolian beylik, that could have filled the role it took? (Side note, my autocorrect wants to turn "beylik" to "beylic". Weird.)
  17. WW1: Italy joins Central Powers, USA and Ottoman Empire stay Neutral.

    If every other nation involved is on otl sides, how would this war play out?
  18. Roosevelt

    Ottoman Empire after a Central Victory?

    Let's say the Central Powers prevail over the Entente (Americans stay out obviously, perhaps Italy does too to allow the CP to focus solely on France and Russia). What would become of the sick man of Europe? Would the empire collapse like it did iOTL or would it survive and perhaps even...
  19. Anarcho-Occultist

    WI:No Armenian Genocide

    The Armenian genocide was not the first genocide ever committed but was the first industrial-scale genocide of the 20th century. It is estimated 1.5 million Armenians were exterminated by the Ottoman Empire and denial of this tragedy is still the official stance of the Turkish government. But...
  20. WI: No Osman I

    Osman I, the first Ottoman Sultan, is a figure shrouded in mystery. No contemporary written sources about his reign are known to have survived, and so it's difficult to separate myth from fact when talking about him. What we do know is that his military victories opened the way for the Ottomans...