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  1. WI Ottomans partitioned before Tanzimat

    Supposing, as a result of a preserved Franco-Russian Alliance, the Porte loses all de facto authority in the Balkans, Egypt, and North Africa about 50 year before OTL (so by 1830 or so -- or better still, before an Auspicious Incident can be arranged). As asked before:
  2. GauchoBadger

    WI: Turkey crushes Armenia in 1918

    IOTL, at the end of World War I, Turkey was allowed a free hand in the Caucasian Isthmus after the Treaty of Brest-Litovsk and the Treaty of Batum, which stipulated that the Ottoman Empire was allowed freedom of movement of goods and persons through the territory of the modern Republic of...
  3. Gwachiko

    WI Germany didn't intervene in Russo-Turkish war of 1877-1878

    Germany and Russia had pretty good relations, until Germany, together with the UK, opposed the Treaty of San Stefano, forcing Russia to settle for lesser gains as per the Treaty of Berlin. So what would happen if Germany stayed neutral during the Eastern Crisis? would Russia still ally France...
  4. GauchoBadger

    WI: Murad IV’s order to execute Ibrahim is carried out

    Rumours have it that, in his deathbed in 1640, ottoman sultan Murad IV ordered the execution of his brother Ibrahim. However, the order was not carried out, and Ibrahim succeeded his brother as sultan. His reign was notably affected by his mental instability. But what if Ibrahim had actually...
  5. Old1812

    WI: Selim I dies shortly after taking throne?

    After defeating and executing his brothers in 1513, Sehzade Selim ascended the Ottoman throne. What would have happened had he died (of illness, possible poisoning, etc.) shortly after ascending the throne? Would his nephew Murat have had a shot in this case? I apologize for any knowledge gaps...
  6. British victory during the Gallipoli Campaign

    How would this affect the outcome of the war? Would this change a lot of very little?
  7. Hellenic Arabia

    During the Ottoman Empire's height after conquering Greece they capture massive number of the hellenic people and ship them to Arabia. This takes place during the 17th century. They speak a language descended from Greek. Now I want you guys to come up with other aspects.
  8. What are effect survival of ottoman empire on world war 2

    The pod is neutral ottoman empire in world war 1. Lenin get to power in Russia in 1917 and wwI end pretty same in 1918 with Versailles treaty. Ottoman capture Caucasian mountain and oilfields of Grozny and Maikop and Baku. first what happen to a Persian corridor of lend lease second what happen...
  9. GauchoBadger

    A better ottoman military post-1878

    I know that the PoD could be placed before 1900, but i chose placing this thread in the "after 1900" forum since most ottoman military disasters occured in the span of ten years between 1911 and 1921. I was reading a wikipedia article on the First Balkan War and stumbled upon the "reasons for...
  10. Ottoman stagnation debate continuation

    Link to original thread page. @Lampiao
  11. GauchoBadger

    WI: Abdul Hamid II assassinated in 1905

    IOTL, there was an attempt on ottoman sultan Abdul Hamid II in 1905, put forth by armenian terrorists. The bomb that was thrown managed to kill 26 of Abdul's servants and acquaintances, but not Abdul himself. But what if the sultan had been killed that day? What are the ramifications stemming...
  12. GauchoBadger

    WI: Vienna falls to the ottomans in 1529

    After the famous Battle of Mohács in 1526, which caused almost all of Hungary to be absorbed by the Ottoman Empire (except for a portion in the west, which was given to Habsburg Austria by treaty), the ottomans under Suleiman decided to follow up on their success and try to capture Vienna in...
  13. Aaaaasima

    Good PODs for the Ottoman Empire surviving in the 19th century

    I want to do a TL about it but I can't find a good POD (I thought that the UK intervening in the Russo-Turkish war could have done it, but I now realize that the UK would not had intervened). So are there any good PODs?
  14. Aaaaasima

    PC/WI: UK intervenes in the 1877-1878 Russo-Turkish war

    Is this plausible? Can the UK pull off something similar like they did in the Crimean War? And could the British-Ottoman alliance win?
  15. Archduke

    Ottomans take Vienna in 1683

    Historically the Ottomans actually got quite close to taking Vienna. After two months the Ottomans had forced thee Austrians to fall back to the inner city and were close to breaching that as well. However, as we all know a strong relief force defeated the Ottomans before that could happen. But...
  16. Aaaaasima

    WI: Giray Empire?

    So I remembered this post by Indicus: So let's say this happens. How would the European powers react? How would the Janissaries react?
  17. Battle Of Mecca

    So I have participated in this year's MUN of my school and the committee I have joined is European Conglomerate. The committee is set during World War 1. The committee does not follow the actual timeline or war. Till now a lot has happened and one of the current update is: 150k Ottoman troops...
  18. WI: "Tsar" Šćepan Mali of Montenegro lived to an old age?

    Šćepan Mali was a "Tsar" of Montenegro from 1767-1773. As a doctor at a monastery, he was one day proclaimed to have been Tsar Peter III of Russia. Though not actually the Tsar, Montenegrins had an appreciation for the Russian Empire in the time of Ottoman domination and supported Šćepan Mali as...