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  1. AHC: Persian-Ottoman conquest

    With a POD after 1405 (death of Timur), could Persia conquer the Ottoman Empire, or the Ottoman Empire conquer Persia? By conquer, I mean permanently occupy and incorporate the other state, at least for a few centuries. What are the best scenarios for achieving this?
  2. WI: Greek Plan is implemented.

    The Greek Plan was a plan by Catherine the Great, with the support of Austria, to recreate the Byzantine Empire and give parts of the Ottoman Empire to Russia and Austria. The Austrians and Russians prepared for war but Joseph II of Austria died and the plan fell apart. What if the plan...
  3. Peace Treaty with Ottomans if Russians join Central Powers

    Say Germany chooses Russia as an ally over Austria-Hungary and they end up in a WWI analogue against AH, France, Britain, and the Ottomans. Italy, Greece, and Bulgaria are also fighting on the side of the Central Powers. What sort of peace treaty would they enforce on the Ottomans if they ended...
  4. Catholic church falls 1485 to Ottoman Empire

    this is something i've always found an interesting alternate history; was actually theoretically possible. Also writing a novel with this essential premise, so I need some help. Here's the backdrop: Mehmed the conqueror led a few successful campaigns against the Kingdom of Naples, that are...
  5. Eivind

    Arabic as official language of the Ottoman Empire?

    How would it have influenced the development of the Ottoman Empire if Arabic was chosen as its official language? I assume here that this would happen during the reign of Selim 1. or his son, Suleiman. How would this affect the linguistic situation in Anatolia? If nationalism developed in...
  6. Alexander North

    WI: Britain and Ottoman Empire switch places in WWI?

    Like a previous thread I made on a similar subject, (, this is probably going to be ASB, but I would prefer to focus more on whether it's interesting or not. The general idea is that Britain...
  7. Fate of Ottoman Empire if the Central Powers win WW1

    Say that the Germans have more success at Verdun or other areas on the Western Front and an earlier Russian Revolution. French morale is low and they are knocked out in 1917 or 1918. No Zimmerman telegram and the US doesn't join. Britain bows out quickly after that. What would the Ottomans get...
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  9. GauchoBadger

    WI: Ottomans win the Russo-Turkish War.

    The Russo-Turkish war was once quite close to ending in an ottoman victory. According to Wikipedia's article on the course of the war: "Osman Pasha organized a defense and repelled two Russian attacks with colossal casualties on the Russian side. At that point, the sides were almost equal in...
  10. GauchoBadger

    WI: Ottoman victory at Malta (1565)

    The failed ottoman siege of Malta was the turning point of the ottomans' expansion into the mediterranean. The siege indirectly led to the battle of Lepanto in 1571, which knocked the ottomans for good out of the mediterranean islands. Previous conquests into locations like Corsica and Nice, at...
  11. L'dor V'dor: An Odyssey
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    L'dor V'dor An Odyssey 1558 Belvedere Castle, Kostantiniyye‎ Gracia Nasi tapped her fingers on the desk as she waited for her partner and son-in-law to enter. Joseph had been visiting the Crown Prince at the palace, likely discussing affairs of state and perhaps the latest exotic item to...
  12. GauchoBadger

    Was the Gallipoli Campaign really that unwinnable?

    I'm a bit of a sucker for WWI PoD's, and one of my favourites is that of a successful pushing of the dardanelles, with the british securing Istanbul with its massive navy, possibly knocking out the Ottomans from the war, and creating a more secure supply line to Russia through the black sea...
  13. Surviving Imperial Russia War Goals For WW1 and Likelihood

    In the event that Russia manages to survive the First World War that is OTL, or a visibly and situationally similar one, and manages to survive the aftermath of the war long enough to stay on its feet (instead of collapsing in the aftermath), what are the gains that are made by Russia...
  14. WI: WW1 Alies go on defensive in west and go against Ottomans first.

    What if Jofre et al. decided that they would be better of by knocking Ottomans out first, and opening wider 4th front (Balkan) earlier? Would it help it Russians to prevent revolution?
  15. AHC: Combine Central Powers into one contiguous empire

    With a POD no earlier than 1849, how could the Central Powers (German Empire, Austria-Hungary, Bulgaria, Ottoman Empire) be combined into one, contiguous empire? (Or closely integrated customs union with permanently aligned military)
  16. ronaldo

    Different countries for the French revolution

    Different countries for the French revolution Could it be in Spain or the United Kingdom or Portugal or Holy Roman Empire or Russian Empire or Ottoman Empire or in another nation? Could it be Eastern nations like China or Japan? What and why this nation has the potential to be a place for the...
  17. How Much Of The Ottoman Empire Could Russia Realistically Annexed/Chipped Away In The Long-Term?

    Russia has been the Ottoman's Empire greatest foe for chipping away at its territory from the Caucasus to Crimea while aiding independence groups in the Balkans. Now assuming if it took its time to industrialize and modernize (if it was needed) how much would Russia permanently annex parts of...
  18. AHC: Balkan League Falls Apart

    I was doing a bit of reading about the Balkan League, the alliance between Bulgaria, Serbia, Greece, and Montenegro, which had the intended goal of kicking the Ottoman Empire out of Europe, and I realised how fragile it all really was. There were tensions between Serbia and Bulgaria over Vadar...
  19. GauchoBadger

    Turkey wins the First Balkan War: How different will WWI be?

    So, let's say the ottoman high command isn't so naive and drafts a different war plan for dealing with the balkan league. They eventually win the First Balkan War, retaining their balkan territories while making some concessions for autonomy in these territories. The question is: when there's a...
  20. Mehmed II killed during the Night Attack

    Apparently, during the Night Attack against Wallachia in 1462, Mehmed II, Sultan of the Ottomans, was nearly killed by Vlad III the Impaler. What would be the results of his death so soon after the fall of Constantinople and Trebizond, when both of his sons were still so young?