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ottoman empire

  1. WI: The Ottoman Empire Conquered Persia/Iran (Somewhat Reestablishing Alexander's/Achaemenid Empire)

    Let's say something around the late 15th or early 16th centuries the Ottomans decide to embark on campaign to recreate the Achaemenid Empire (or Alexander's Empire) by invading east and conquering as much of Egypt, Cyrenaica, the Caucasus, Iraq, Persia, Afghanistan, and other parts of Central...
  2. Lady Visenya

    Andronikos III Palaiologos lives 16 years longer

    So, let's say he manages to avoid whatever illness it was that claimed him. How would things go with Andy III making it to the age of 60 (his grandfather died at 75, and his son at 58, so it's not entirely unlikely) rather than up and dying when he did?
  3. Basileus_Komnenos

    WI: Sultan Mahmud II dies in 1826 during the Janissary Revolt?

    What would be the effects of Sultan Mahmud II dying during the Auspicious Incident ? The Auspicious Incident was the final janissary revolt before Mahmud II finally dissolved it allowing him to reform the Ottoman army along Western lines. Its also speculated that Mahmud II purposefully...
  4. The_Persian_Cat

    WI: A Bonapartist Muslim Egypt?

    Hey everyone. So, during Napoleon Bonaparte's Egyptian campaign, he entertained the idea of converting to Islam for appearance's sake. He took the name Ali Bonaparte, and publicly participated in Islamic customs, for example celebrating the Prophet's birthday while he was in Egypt. He made a...
  5. GameBawesome

    Ottomans conquers Malta in 1565, where do the Knights go after?

    What if the Ottomans under Suleiman the Magnificent conquered Malta in 1565, and Christian powers were unable to arrive in time for the knights, or recapture the Island. Afterwards, the Knights are expelled from the Island. Where does they Knights go afterwards, when they lost another base of...
  6. Abd ar-Rahman II

    Palestinian autonomous state inside the Ottoman Empire

    A little clickbaits title but was his the best case scenario for Zahir al-Umar state in what his southern Levant ?
  7. Aceh conquered Malacca in 1628?

    The Sultanate of Aceh, then at the height of its power during the reign of Iskandar Muda, mounted a massive expedition against Portuguese-controlled Malacca in 1628, but this offensive resulted in a devastating failure, with the loss of more than 200 ships and 18.000 men. What if the Portuguese...
  8. What would a Ottoman Kaiserreich look like?

    For people unaware Kaiserreich is a very popular hearts of Iron timeline where Germany managed to with some rolling of sixes and some luck on events and PODs managed to win world war 1, it can be said to to be the template of German world war 1 victories, with Germany dominating Western Europe...
  9. GameBawesome

    Greater Ottoman involvement during the Napoleonic Wars

    The Ottoman Empire during the Napoleonic Wars was complicated. Their involvement was very minimal to say the least. They had diplomatic relations with France that really went nowhere, and fought a war with Britain and another war with Russia, and dealt with their own modernization problems...
  10. सार्थक (Sārthākā)

    What if Skanderbeg remained loyal to the Ottomans?

    From the 1430s to the early 1440s, Skanderberg was under the employ of the Ottomans and is said to have served loyally. Let's say that he remains loyal and the entire rebellion does not happen. What would be the consequences of the Ottomans gaining a competent leader like Skanderberg for...
  11. How powerful could a surviving modern day Ottoman Empire be?

    With a POD after the Second Balkan war, in a TL where either WW1 doesn't happen or the Ottomans wisely stay out of it and keep their post 1914 borders and stabilize politically long enough to profit off the oil in their territory, how powerful could an Ottoman state become by modern day?
  12. WI: Muhammad Ali dies in the late 1820s?

    Let's say that in between the Greek Revolution and the Ottoman-Egyptian war of the early 1830s, Muhammad Ali dies and is succeeded by his son, Ibrahim Pasha. What effects would this have on Egypt and on the Ottoman-Egyptian conflict of the 1830s? IOTL Ibrahim Pasha was more belligerent than his...
  13. British Biscuit

    Cultural Impact of WW1 ending with a Stalemate/Prolonged Cold War?

    As the title says. World War 1 ends in status quo ante bellum followed by a prolonged Cold War between Central Powers and the Entente. How would this impact cultural development, self-identity and various art movements? OTL during and after the Cold War there was/is a notion (albeit one that's...
  14. DBWI No pro-Turkish Armenian insurrection in Tsarist Russia in 1914?

    OTL : So for those who might not be familiar with the OTL Near East, the Armenian Dashnaks in 1914 decided to instigate a shock rebellion in Russian Armenia against Tsarist Russia, throwing their full weight behind a seemingly - at the time - absurd Ottoman proposal of 1914 that envisioned...
  15. What happens to Egypt w/o Napoleon's invasion?

    As the title says - what would have happened had Napoleon never invaded Egypt? IOTL, he played a vital role in breaking the power of the Mameluke ruling caste (although the Mamelukes had already been in a state of civil war for nearly 30 years), which enabled Muhammad Ali to seize power and...
  16. WI: Ottoman victory at the Great Siege of Malta

    What if the Ottoman Empire had won the Great Siege of Malta and conquered the island?
  17. GameBawesome

    Ottoman Empire & Austria-Hungary collapse naturally?

    The Ottoman Empire and Austria-Hungary were partition after WWI by the Entente, creating the borders of the Middle East and Central & Eastern Europe. Here are two PODs for this scenario POD 1: What if the Germans won the Battle of the Marne, and captured Paris, and then going to defeat the...
  18. GameBawesome

    WI: Şehzade Mustafa's succeeds Suleiman

    Şehzade Mustafa was the son of Suleiman the Magnificent, and the heir to succeed Suleiman, being popular amoung the Janissaries. However, in 1553, due to the manipulations of Hürrem and Rüstem Pasha, Suleiman had Mustafa killed. So, what if Şehzade Mustafa had lived, and succeeded his father...
  19. Basileus_Komnenos

    AHC: WW1 with pro Central Powers Serbia/Greece and Pro Entente Bulgaria/Ottoman Empire

    AHC: Devise a scenario for how WW1 begins and unfolds with a pro-German/Austro-Hungarian Serbia and Greece alongside a pro-Entente Bulgaria and Ottoman Empire. What are the preconditions for such a system of alliances to emerge? How would the war play out assuming in the event of an Entente or...
  20. Gothicus

    Byzantine Survival With the Least Butterflies?

    As the title states, is it possible for a Byzantine or Byzantine successor state to persist in some form to at least the 20th century with as few effects on history as possible? Really the only way I can think of with as few changes to history as possible is if Demetrios Palaiologos accepts...