1. Plausible Kingdom of Aquitaine in the 12th century?

    Assume William IX Duke of Aquitaine, Gascogne, Count of Poitou presses his wife Philippa's claim on the County of Toulouse and doesn't mortgage the county afterward to Bertrand to go on a disastrous Crusade. His son only has daughters (Eleanor of Aquitaine) like OTL. Eleanor inherits everything...
  2. AHC: catalan/occitan as the common mutal lenguage of France ans Spain

    As the title says, the challenge (with a POD that must be between 800 and 1500 a.d.) is to have both Spain And France end up with catalan or occitan (or a hybrid/dialect version of the 2) as the official lenguage. Bonus point if you manage to make this lenguage spoken also in Italy and Portugal
  3. AHC/WI: Occitania Breaks Away from France during the French Wars of Religion

    What if the Huguenot rebels in Southern France decide to break away from France and declare their own state? What would it be called? And could there be an impetus to declare independence? Who would be the ruler of this new country? And could it maintain its independence? And how will an...
  4. Plausibility Check/AHC : Gothic spoken in Parts of Spain ,Occitania and Italy

    Any chance of the Gothic Language surviving in the Greatest Extent of the Ostrogothic and Visigothic Realms . Edit : Minimum PoD is 418 .
  5. AltoRegnant

    AHC: An Aquitainian Kingdom With These Borders

    inspired by/stole from my ck2 game, I want to know, how far back do we have to go to create a stable independent kingdom of aquitaine, and how do we get it to dominante the franco-italian alps and northern iberia. how does its occitian ruling class develop the culture therein, and what might...
  6. kasumigenx

    La mort de França(Death of France)
    Threadmarks: Chapter 1

    Freepedia As Eleanor traveled to Poitiers, two lords —Theobald V, Count of Blois, and Geoffrey, Count of Nantes, brother of Henry II, Duke of Normandy and Brittany—tried to kidnap and marry her to claim her lands. As soon as she arrived in Poitiers, Eleanor sent envoys to the Count of...
  7. GauchoBadger

    PC/WI: German-sponsored Occitan and Breton revival?

    This might require a PoD prior to Jules Ferry's premiership, though an imposition from an outside invader just might be enough. So, basically, assume Germany wins World War I early (prior to 1916), and militarily occupies vast swathes of France at the end of hostilities. Negotiations with...
  8. AHC: Independent Occitania

    Your challenge is to have Occitania be an independent country, either by remaining unconquered by France, or by having it break away at some point.
  9. Eivind

    Protestantism becomes stronger in France during the Reformation.

    France gradually strengthened its central power during the late middle ages and early modern times. But what if Protestantism/the Hugenotes became a stronger force than in OTL? In OTL there was a civil war in the latter half of the sixteenth century.What if the Hugenots managed to create a...
  10. AHQ on an independent Occitan.

    Assuming no Albigensian Crusade, what potential does an independent Occitan have at its disposal? This is a question mostly regarding the extent to which a fully independent or at least marginally independent Occitan could have on Europe entering the 14th and 15th century and beyond. Further...
  11. Wi ww2 occitania puppet state

    After France capitulates Hitler decides to declare France conquered and the free state of occitania liberated under german supervision. The French colonies are more likely to fight on. And this ww2 goes worse for Hitler. Who would be the likely quislings in this scenario? And in the...
  12. WI: Weimar Germany openly pushes for Scottish, Welsh, Breton, Occitan etc Independence

    In this scenario the Weimar Republic manages to survive and Hitler does not come to power. What if, in the late 1920s and 1930s, the Weimar Republic had held a Conference with the nations of Western Europe which Germany arranges, with the aim of radically changing the borders of Western...