1. Plausible Kingdom of Aquitaine in the 12th century?

    Assume William IX Duke of Aquitaine, Gascogne, Count of Poitou presses his wife Philippa's claim on the County of Toulouse and doesn't mortgage the county afterward to Bertrand to go on a disastrous Crusade. His son only has daughters (Eleanor of Aquitaine) like OTL. Eleanor inherits everything...
  2. AHC: catalan/occitan as the common mutal lenguage of France ans Spain

    As the title says, the challenge (with a POD that must be between 800 and 1500 a.d.) is to have both Spain And France end up with catalan or occitan (or a hybrid/dialect version of the 2) as the official lenguage. Bonus point if you manage to make this lenguage spoken also in Italy and Portugal
  3. kasumigenx

    Oil identity in an Occitan dominated France

    What would be the identity of the Oil speakers in an Occitan-dominated France, I imagine that the dominant form of Occitan would be called Lemosin or Lemosina instead of Occitan. Since IOTL Occitan had no identity, here they would call themselves either as Lemosins or Catalans and dominate...
  4. kasumigenx

    A Catalan or Occitan speaking colony of either France and Spain

    I was thinking is this possible with a 1500 or 1600 POD? Could Louisiana or one of the Huguenot colonies be the one that becomes Occitan? I am thinking of this since the OTL seems to be an Occitan screw.
  5. kasumigenx

    Why were the Langue d'oil dialects pretty much fragmented compared to...

    Why were the Langue d'oil dialects pretty much fragmented compared to Occitan, Tuscan/Italian, Castilian and Portuguese? and its dialects very much unintelligible to each other?
  6. kasumigenx

    WI: Catalans/Occitans and French/Walloons/Romands swap places

    What if Occitan becomes the language of France due to Northern France remaining divided and Occitania remaining more or less united due to Eleanor of Aquitaine having a son with her first husband, the French King, or another scenario where Occitan has an upper hand against the Oil languages.
  7. kasumigenx

    DBWI:If William the Bastard conquers England, does the Oil language stand a good chance against Lingua Franca and Lemosin

    If William the Bastard conquers England, does the Oil language stand a good chance against Lingua Franca/Lemosin, the Lemosin language, and Lingua Franca became the common language in France causing the Oil language to be moribund in Francia but in Lorraine and Brittany it is flourishing, would...
  8. kasumigenx

    Occitan Speaking minority in Louisiana

    Since the immigrants from Catalonia and Occitania did settle in Quebec and Louisiana, I think an Occitan/Catalan-speaking minority could be similar to the Polish speakers in the south.
  9. kasumigenx

    If France switched to Occitan, would england use Occitan or remain using Norman

    If France switched to Occitan and Mediterranean Lingua Franca as lingua franca from latin, would England use Occitan or remain using Norman, the POD here is that Eleanor of Aquitaine does not marry Henry II and the conflicts that destroyed Occitan are prevented thus Occitan would continue its...
  10. kasumigenx

    Plantagenet-Capetian rivalry, Hundred Years War and Occitan

    It seems that the Plantagenet-Capetian Rivalry and the Hundred years war and the consequences of Eleanor's marriage with Henry II crushed the Occitan people, I am thinking of a better scenario for them in the long term.
  11. kasumigenx

    WI: Saintonge remains Occitan Speaking

    I have a heart for the people decimated by wars, genocide and famines. From what I have seen, the main reason why Anguomois and Saintonge are not Occitan speaking is that it was a battleground for HYW and Capetian-Plantagenet wars, is the only way to preserve its Occitan population is for...
  12. kasumigenx

    How is it likely for Occitan to be a Mandarin analogue of Western Roman Empire or Frankish Empire

    How is it likely for Occitan to be a Mandarin analogue of Western Roman Empire or Frankish Empire, it seems that in the Middle Ages, the language was supposed to get that status due to it being prestige in Trade and Literature.
  13. kasumigenx

    Occitan, Catalan and GalloItalic remain the same language

    From what I read it is the Frankish influence that separated OccitanoRomance and GalloItalic, how do we prevent this from happening?
  14. kasumigenx

    WI: Gallo-Italian dialects become Occitan/Catalan dialects

    There is a tendency for the Northern Italian dialects to drift to being Catalan dialects or Occitan dialects or getting absorbed by Occitan/Catalan completely via relexification how would Catalan/Occitan relexifying the GalloItalian dialects turning them to be essentially Occitan/Catalan except...
  15. kasumigenx

    Peoples Roman Republic
    Threadmarks: I

    Man1 I remember when Charlemagne conquered Italy from King Desiderius, his son Pepin also conquered the Kingdom of Asturias but it took time for the Frankish dynasty of the Roman Empire to reconquer Northern Africa. Man2 Yeah, the Frankish Dynasty were deposed and kicked out of the main land...
  16. kasumigenx

    Effects of an Occitanized France due to Black Death

    What if Northern Occitan replaces French due to black death, as far as I know, Northern Italy was Occitan influenced back then.
  17. kasumigenx

    AHC: Have Jaca, Pamplona and Estella remain having Catalan/Occitan population

    https://es.wikipedia.org/wiki/Occitano_cispirenaico @Kurt_Steiner @isabella
  18. kasumigenx

    DBWI: The French Language is not replaced by the Lemosin(Occitan) language in the Black Plague

    Prior to the Black plague the Lemosin language of Provence, Toulouse and Guyenne replaced the language of Paris and its environs as the Northern France was resettled by people from that after the plague, the Dauphin bought his loyal supporters from there. I remember there are people in...
  19. kasumigenx

    DBWI: France and Catalonia don't speak the same language

    On the 1300s the Northern half of the French Kingdom experienced a virulent black death that barely affected the Southern half and people in the Southern Half of France who spoke the same language as the East of Spain settled north and carried their language to the North of France which would...