1. WI: decisive Swedish victory at Neva?

    Let's say the Swedes win a very decisive victory at the Neva in 1240. Alexander Nevsky dies (probably known ITTL simply as "Alexander"), the Novgorodian army is routed with very heavy losses. Now, contemporary sources claim the Swedish aim was the conquest of Novgorod, but that is obviously...
  2. WI: Saint Rurik?

    Okay, so this might be a stretch, but since so much of the man is clouded in myth, I think it might happen. What if Rurik, not long after his conquest of Novgorod (but before taking Kiev) meets a group of Catholic missionaries from Francia and decides for political reasons to convert to...
  3. Whiteshore

    DBWI: Novgorod didn't unite Russia

    During the aftermath of the Mongol invasion of Russia, many states fought for domination of Russia with Novgorod winning out and unifying Russia, but what if Novgorod didn't unite Russia? What PODs might be needed for Novgorod to not unify Russia? What other states could have unified Russia...
  4. DBAHC: Prevent Novgorodian Rus'

    With a POD after 1150, prevent Novgorod from consolidating power in the north and later forcing most of former Kievan Rus' into a new confederation with him at the helm. But please refrain from using a certain baltic pagan tribe escaping the Crusaders wrath, conquering most of Rus', forming a...
  5. Crying

    AHC: Novgorodian Nationalism

    Your challenges is to, with any POD you wish, have 'Novgorodian' people be seen as seperate from the rest of Russians, much like Belarusians and the Ukrainians. Bonus points if it has a secessionist movement and a point multiplier if it actually manages to secede/become independent by "modern day."
  6. Petike

    Challenge : Surviving Novgorodian independence

    With a POD no later than 1420 but no earlier than 1395 AD, let Novgorod stay independent and not become absorbed by the other Russian principalities. Try to do it as plausibly as possible, take the economic vulnerabilities into account (Novgorod needing to import quite a lot of grain, mainly...