northern italy

  1. The Sforza dynasty endures?

    What if Francesco II Sforza, the last member of his family to rule Milan, lived longer (say until the age of 60) and had an adult son at the time of his death? How would Italy be affected by a Lombardy that retains its independence instead of falling completely into the Habsburg orbit? What...
  2. Gian Maria Visconti born a female

    If the older son of Giangaleazzo Visconti is instead a daughter, to whom would she be married, and what might be the consequences for the Duchy down the road?
  3. Višeslav

    What would a "South Francia" be called?

    OTL, the Frankish empire was split into 3 kingdoms: East, West, and Middle Francia. East Francia became Germany, west Francia became France. Central Francia collapsed, and so was only remembered by its initial, and very unoriginal, name. Suppose the Frankish Empire was split differently, and...
  4. Višeslav

    AHC - Independent Northern Italy/Great Lombardy

    The premise here is simple. With a POD after 1250, without changing the ethnic composition of the region, keep northern Italy an independent, unified state into the modern era. You are allowed to develop a separate cultural identity if it's plausible, but you can't just have some other ethnic...
  5. GauchoBadger

    WI: Carantanians in Italy?

    What if the Carantanians had managed to defeat the Lombards sometime around the 8th century, and occupy Northern Italy? Perhaps all the way to Mantua, to keep it more or less realistic... How would the Carantanian state develop from there on in, in terms of: -Language and culture? -Foreign...
  6. GauchoBadger

    WI: Frederick Barbarossa dies at Legnano (1176)

    What if Frederick I, Holy Roman Emperor of the house of Hohenstaufen, had died and never returned to Pavia after his defeat at the Battle of Legnano, at the hands of the Lombard league? -How will his successor negotiate with the Lombard League, and the pope? -Can Henry the Lion, Welf Duke of...
  7. The Wheelbarrow comes to Europe in the 800's?

    A friend of mine seems to think that the wheelbarrow is one of the most important inventions for the common man to ever be created. I also like the wheelbarrow but more on the scale that it can really help an individual get a lot more done than if they had a more conventional cart or just bare...
  8. GauchoBadger

    WI: Frederick Barbarossa crushes the Lombard League

    What if Frederick Barbarossa had managed to defeat the Lombard League sometime around the Battle of Legnano? Could restless and semi-independent North Italy be brought back under the thumb of the emperor? What are the effects of this on Fred's reign, his successors, and the Holy Roman Empire...
  9. WI: Cesare Borgia hired Machiavelli?

    What if Machiavelli worked directly for Cesare Borgia as a strategist? How would this change Cesare Borgia's fate, and ambitions over Italy? What is the maximum Cesare Borgia could accomplish with Machiavelli's tactics, or would it change anything at all?