1. Eh, well, this is only one universe create by me so... i don't know what say

    In 528 a saxon mercader knowed as Ceolwulf start to preach the word of Woden "the only and real god", the wodenism start to expand before and after the desde of Ceuwulf in Germania and Scandinavia (and other little parts of Europe thanks to the vikings)
  2. TheSwedishHistorian

    AHQ: Nordic defence alliance ww2

    One thing that often bothers me in Sweden when we speak of our many years of peace (200), is that we say that it has served us well. The thing though is that the way I see it, we have been in quite a bit of trouble and have seen our Nordic Brothers invaded by the axis in ww2 (Denmark and...
  3. TL: A Nordic Twist [Redux]
    Threadmarks: Chapter 1: Introduction

    Chapter 1: Introduction Hilmar Baunsgaard; the original architect of Nordek. The Nordic Confederation traces it's history back to the post World War 2 era. Denmark and Norway were recovering from German occupation, whilst Finland recovered from two wars with the Soviet Union (and in view of...
  4. iPolytheistic_tsar

    What did the Vikings think the Americas looked like?

    I seem to remember coming across a map somewhere about what the Vikings believed the Americas to look like, it depicted about four continents with the bottom one connecting to Africa, the northern most one being Greenland and the Canadian islands and the middle two are from Newfoundland and...
  5. Olligarchy

    Pohjolan Isännät: An Alternate History of Finland
    Threadmarks: Foreword

    Foreword: Many years ago as an inexperienced writer and student I undertook the momentous task of creating an alternate history of Finland stretching from the 13th century all the way to our modern day. I failed. Not only was I just entering working life, the stress of weekly updates began to...