1. kasumigenx

    WI: Breton ruled Neustria

    How could we make Neustria ruled by Bretons, I wonder if a Vouille defeat can make this a reality with the Franks leader being defeated by the Visigoths and the Frankish leadership and Empire shatter which would allow the Bretons to rule Neustria. If Bretons rule Neustria would the Bretons...
  2. AHC/WI : Permanent Partition of Francia into Neustria and Austrasia .

    The Franks had an established tradition of splitting up their realms between the sons with the Kings seen as ruling the same realm . However these failed to produce a scenario similar to that of the HRE and West Francia . In your Opinion , what would be best way to keep the respective realms of...
  3. The Professor

    Split East & West Francias, with Middle Francian Roman Empire

    So OTL both West and East Francian kingdoms initially fractured before reforming, whilst Middle Francia split leaving nearly a century before Italy/Lombardy and its occasional imperial title were added to Otto's East Francia. So, how do we keep East and West Francias divided while imperial...
  4. Pralaya

    Final Light: A Carolingian Timeline
    Threadmarks: CHAPTER 1: The Death of a King

    After lurking for so long in these forums, I've decided to make my own timeline. The style is obviously heavily inspired by Planet of Hats' amazing and awesome Al-Andalus timeline, and I thank him here for his contributions. ---------------- "Right action is better than knowledge; but in order...