1. Count of Crisco

    WI Dunkerque and Strasbourg in RN service?

    So lets just say for our purposes that the MN dispatches the two Dunkerque class battleships and a small task force, say elements of the Force de Raid, a light cruiser, two large destroyers, and three or four smaller destroyers, to help the British intercept the Bismarck when she sorties. The...
  2. Alpha_North

    What if Pepsi kept the navy?

    Pepsi was given 17 submarines, a cruiser, a frigate, and a destroyer by the Russians in exchange for three billion dollars worth of Pepsi. So what could/would happen with Pepsi if they kept that navy instead of selling it for scrap recycling? Could they even?
  3. BillKerman1234

    US Navy Strike Cruiser timeline

    Hi guys! So, I was looking at some random US Cold War naval stuff the other day, and I came across the strike cruiser idea. Basically, in the 70s the US's plan for future naval development was to have 8 big, nuclear powered Aegis-equipped cruisers called strike cruisers (CSGN). Eventually, it...
  4. Count of Crisco

    A History of Alyska to the year 1800.

    Thanks to Covid I have had a lot of free time, and have spent it getting back into writing. Among the various projects I have been working on has been an alternate history setting, the timeline of which will appear here.
  5. Gillan1220

    What if the Japanese battleship Nagato was reactivated and pressed JMSDF service?

    I have been thinking about this scenario for quiet some time now. So basically at the end of the war, Japan still had a few ships such as unfinished battleships, carriers, and submarines at the shipyards at the time of the Empire's surrender to the Allies. All of these became property of the...
  6. Gokbay

    Modern Washington/London Naval Treaty

    Putting aside how unlikely it is due to the basically uncontested US naval hegemony, how would a modern version of the Washington/London Naval Treaties look like? I would imagine the permanent 5 security council members would participate with maybe a few others too. Since no-one would build a...
  7. AHC: Make A WW2 Navy Better

    WW2 had a great many naval participants but many of these navies didn't achieve as much as they had the potential to. With a POD after February 6, 1922 (Washington Naval Treaty), create the best plausible navy for an OTL WW2 combatant. The only thing set in stone is WW2 still breaking out...
  8. SealTheRealDeal

    Post WWI Imperial German Navy

    You know the drill by now. WWI grinds to a white peace after the combatant nations have exhausted themselves. Only potential border changes are that A-L, Luxembourg and the German speaking regions of Belgium are up for referendum. Germany has lost most of its colonies. What does the German...
  9. SealTheRealDeal

    Post WWI Ottoman Navy

    Yup, I'm rounding off the set.* So, WWI grinds to a white peace. The Ottomans have kept it together well enough to limp across the finish line, at most losing Kuwait and Hejaz, and having some border adjustment with Russia. Do the Germans want their battlecruiser back? If they do, do they get...
  10. AdamNeuser

    WI: Safavid Empire collapses in 1590 (It's a weird POD I know)

    The year is 1590, decisive Ottoman and Uzbek military victories against the Safavid Empire, coupled with internal political problems put the Safavids on the verge of collapse. In OT, the Treaty of Constantinople in 1590 granted all land West of the Zagros Mountains and Caspain Sea to the Ottoman...
  11. Development of Royal Navy battleships without Naval Arms Race or even WWI?

    As the title says, how would the Royal Navy battleship develop without the Anglo-German naval arms race or even WWI? Say the Germans concentrate more on their Army, modernising their fleet but not attempting to challenge the RN? I’m assuming Dreadnought would still be built and all-big gun...
  12. SealTheRealDeal

    Post WWI Austro-Hungarian Navy

    Austria-Hungary has limped across the finish line to a white peace! How does the k.u.k. Kriegsmarine develop in the 1920s and 30s? Given that they weren't laid down yet, is the Ersatz Monarch-class design adjusted to accommodate lessons from the war? Could the Tegetthoffs get Italian-style...
  13. What other countries could have the Marine Corps separate from the Navy?

    What the title says. As I have seen, the United States is the only country that has the separation of the Marine Corps from the Navy. This doubt comes from one of my alternative histories that I am reforming, the Mexican Armed Forces are made up of the Army, Air Force, Navy, National Guard...
  14. Svyatoy Medved

    How to make the Soviet navy competitive with the West

    How could the Soviet Union have been able to keep pace, or at least keep not quite so far behind, the Western navies? Divide by allegiance rather than nationality: include allied navies in the total strength of both spheres. Historically, of course, the Soviets were kept tightly bottled up...
  15. Count of Crisco

    A history of the Confederate States Navy and the American naval Arms race, 1865-1930
    Threadmarks: Forward

    Forward Following the success of the proceeding, A history of the two navies of the American Civil war, 1860-1865*, it was decided to attempt a follow up work dealing with Confederate naval history up until the present day. As it was realized the sheer amount of work required it was decided to...
  16. DBWI: Ineffective German Navy?

    Historically, Germany was an obvious candidate for having one of the world's largest navies, given the Hanseatic League and other Baltic and North Sea adventures. The army was rarely emphasized, and often fell behind, with German Kaisers and Stadtholders often recruiting mercenaries from smaller...
  17. Preparing France for Fashoda?

    Most of the time Fashoda, the colonial crisis in Sudan, in alternate history is used as a way for the British to launch a desultory smack down of the French. To reverse that, with a POD of an intense colonial crisis which directs French attention towards Britain and unites French policies in...
  18. WaterproofPotatoes

    WI: A different Washington Naval Treaty and its Effects On WWII

    ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS: A big thanks to "consulting admirals" @jsb @Luminous @hipper @RamscoopRaider @steamboy for their stellar contributions to this thread. It would not be half as interesting without them! For the uninitiated, US hull classification symbols are used as abbreviations for ship...
  19. Could a Chinese dynasty have had overseas territories?

    I don't know nearly enough about Chinese history, so I'd like to ask some experts here: could it have ever been possible for a Chinese dynasty to have a sufficiently powerful navy to control parts of Japan, the Philippines, or Indonesia?
  20. Kalga

    WI: Second Polish Republic Gets their Naval Wish list?

    Probably very close to ASB, but this is rooted in some actual historical facts... So what if by a miracle of diplomacy the Poles actually receive all those ships? (Perhaps the Western democrices in this timeline wanted a strong Poland to check potential German & Russian ambitions in the...