1. Naval treaty in a CP victory

    In the event of a CP victory (specifically the no USA, successful spring offensive kind) does the context still exist for a Naval treaty like OTL's WNT to exist, or are we to see something considerably different?
  2. What if no MarineFahrprahm What if their was no MarineFahrprahm in the german arsenal originally developed for Operation Sea Lion they seemed to hav evolved into similar niche as Trawlers on Allied side as a cheap escort .
  3. Admiral Bloonbeard

    Anglo American naval race around the same time the Anglo German naval race happens

    Is it possible to have an Anglo American naval race with a POD after reconstruction? Would Britain focus on competing against the United States or would Britain have a naval race against Germany and the United States at the same time?
  4. An industrialised India for ww2

    This is an idea that's been in my mind for some time now. Let's say that during the interwar period, to cope with the industrial capacity of the USA, the Brits decide to open India up, leading to it's industrialization in time for the second world war. To make this more interesting, to relieve...
  5. Simon

    British Armoured Cruisers at the Battle of Jutland

    At the Battle of Jutland the British had 8 armoured cruisers as part of the Grand Fleet. My question is how much use were they? Reading through some of the basic details it seems like half of them didn't really become engaged whilst the other half was sunk. I'm looking at a possible timeline...
  6. WI Napoleon had become an Admiral?

    Hey. I've been reading, lately, and I was reading something about Napoleon, and there was one thing that peeked my interest... When he was studying at the military school at Brienne, he seemed to be interested to go and join the navy, as he was being influenced by stories of Bougainville, since...
  7. GameBawesome

    Which one of these heroes is the best admiral?

    Two thing in common that these adrimals have: They were remarkable admirals They all died in battle But who is the Best Admiral?
  8. Keynes' Cruisers Volume 2
    Threadmarks: Story 1642 November 4 1942

    11 miles south of Dili, November 4, 1942 Pork, that was all that he could smell. If he ignored the reality, he could almost remember his childhood fascination with the smoke houses that lined the tobacco fields of his coastal Carolina home. The infantryman walked carefully forward, past the...
  9. WI the CP controlled Black Sea

    I recently read in the opening days of the WWI it was seriously suggested (by both the Germans and from within A-H), that elements of the A-H fleet should sail for Constantinople. As I understand it, the A-H fleet was not immediately ready for the journey and there was some concern regarding...
  10. No Battle of Jutland?

    The Battle of Jutland was the largest naval battle of WW1, that pitted the German High Seas Fleet against the British Royal Navy. Years of naval build up between the two powers clashed in one battle. The Battle was caused by Admiral Scheer's belief that one large cataclysmic battle between the...
  11. Vylon Disigma

    Could the Mississippi be expanded to accommodate ocean going ships?

    As in the title, if the US government had the money and the political will could it transform the Mississippi to accommodate ships of a drought (depth a ship needs) of at least 13m?
  12. WI: Russian Malta

    During the negotiations for the Third Coalition in 1805, one of Russia's demands for entering the coalition was that Malta be evacuated by Britain. The British, desperate to have Russia as an ally, ultimately accepted to this, and prepared to seize Minorca from Spain instead as an alternative...
  13. GauchoBadger

    WI: Philip II fails to take the azores

    IOTL, in the 1580s' War of Portuguese Succession, the Battle of Ponta Delgada was an attempt by the french forces loyal to portuguese pretender Antonio, Prior of Crato, to estabilish a foothold on the Azore islands. The battle was a roughly equal fight, with multiple french vessels fighting off...
  14. GauchoBadger

    WI: Tourville follows up after Beachy Head (1690)

    Recently, there has been a thread about France invading England, and someone brought up this Nine Years' War battle. So, the question is: What if admiral Tourville had decided to capitalize on his success at the Battle of Beachy Head? Would James II be restored to the throne as a result of a...
  15. GauchoBadger

    WI: Ottoman victory at Malta (1565)

    The failed ottoman siege of Malta was the turning point of the ottomans' expansion into the mediterranean. The siege indirectly led to the battle of Lepanto in 1571, which knocked the ottomans for good out of the mediterranean islands. Previous conquests into locations like Corsica and Nice, at...
  16. WI/AHC: China wins the Battle of the Yalu River

    I'll admit I'm venturing in an area bit outside my field, but I'm diving in anyway. So, the First Sino-Japanese War, the conflict showed the world that the big dog of the east was no longer China, but Japan. One of the impressive Japanese victories was the naval one at the Yalu River (or Yellow...
  17. Keynes' Cruisers
    Threadmarks: Preamble

    Preamble This is a riff that owes a lot to half a dozen timelines that have been a source of great entertainment and thought for me. I am stealing shamelessly structure, ideas and plot points from The Whale has Wings, Pacific War Redux, April 1942 Alternate Indian Ocean, A True and Better...