naval battles

  1. CV(N)-6

    Greek Destroyers At Matapan?

    So, I was flipping through Destroyers of World War 2's Greek section, and noticed something interesting, three of the Greek Hydra class destroyers were ordered to cut off the retreating Vittorio Veneto during the Battle of Cape Matapan, but coding errors prevented this. Can anyone confirm this...
  2. Dread Nought but the Fury of the Seas

    Rumours of War The assassination of an Austrian Archduke would trigger a war that had been building for years. However, as the echoes of the shots died away, it was not immediately obvious that would be a world war. The Great Powers did not react immediately; ‘We should not be greatly concerned...
  3. GauchoBadger

    WI: Olaf Tryggvason defeats his opponents at Svolder (1000)

    What if Olaf I Tryggvason, Norway's first Christian king, had managed to defeat his main opponents in Scandinavia at the pivotal naval Battle of Svolder (which is estimated to have occurred sometime around the turn of the first to the second millenium AD), preventing the partition of his kingdom...
  4. AHC: The largest warship which could be realistically sunk by single shot of shoulder-fired missile?
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    Propose exactly the largest warship (in gross tonnage) which can be sunk in single shot by a single soldier using SFM (shoulder-fired missile)? Following limitations apply: 1) No support for SAM bearer - i.e. shots from helicopter or boat with crew other than SAM bearer are not allowed 2) Must...
  5. hms malta

    AHTL:The Bloodiest Day

    21st October 1940 170 miles off the coast of Italy. 20:40 Just after the sun sets aircraft from the carriers Illustrious,Eagle and Ark Royal launch 84 aircraft. Twenty two Blackburn skua and twenty Fairey swordfish launch from Ark Royal. Fourteen swordfish launch off the deck of Eagle. Twenty...
  6. GauchoBadger

    WI: Philip II fails to take the azores

    IOTL, in the 1580s' War of Portuguese Succession, the Battle of Ponta Delgada was an attempt by the french forces loyal to portuguese pretender Antonio, Prior of Crato, to estabilish a foothold on the Azore islands. The battle was a roughly equal fight, with multiple french vessels fighting off...
  7. GauchoBadger

    WI: Tourville follows up after Beachy Head (1690)

    Recently, there has been a thread about France invading England, and someone brought up this Nine Years' War battle. So, the question is: What if admiral Tourville had decided to capitalize on his success at the Battle of Beachy Head? Would James II be restored to the throne as a result of a...
  8. colombo

    Mussolini's Redemption: New alt-history novel this March

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  9. Battle of the Dogger Bank redux

    Is there an old thread for this already? There was a moment before the OTL Battle of the Dogger Bank in WWI when the German fleet commander had his ships set up to draw in and then trap the British battlecruiser and fast battleship units. If the Germans had stuck to their plan it would on paper...
  10. Napoleon Defeats British Navy

    How plausible was it for Napoleon to defeat the British Navy? Was it a close run thing, or was it very difficult? Did the close blockade of French ports make it impossible to train competent crew?
  11. The Great War at Sea ... Take 13

    ... once more into the fray .... ... you just never know ... might get it closer to right this time ... Prologue The Great War had begun for Great Britain on August 3rd, 1914, as with most previous wars, the development of new technologies and tactics would be needed if the foe would be...