1. WI Simon Bolivar killed 1815

    On December 10, 1815, there was an attempt on Simon Bolivar's life in Jamaica that ended up mistakenly killing a guest in his hammock. What if the Liberator had died that day, as intended?
  2. AHC: Have the USA be a member of a coalition against Napoleon.

    How could the USA get involved against Napoleon in one of the coalition wars? They could fight the french navy possibly, and perhaps seize Hispaniola or Louisiana if France had not lost them yet.
  3. Rodrig-3D

    Death or Braganza? A Brazilian TL

    The Napoleonic regime in France have by a long time been a great contester of the British influence in Europe, always denying the right of trade between British merchants and the continent, but Napoleon soon realize the invectiveness of that so called “Continental System”, the trade routes have...
  4. Historyman 14

    DBWI: Napoleon failed in Russia

    One of Napoleon Bonaparte greatest accomplishments of all time was the great defeat and fall of the Russian Empire to the Grande Armée. He would go on to free the serfs (Often call a key part of his victory), give Finland back to the Kingdom of Sweden, expand the Kingdom of Poland, and create a...
  5. Omens on a Bad Wind: a Napoleonic TL.
    Threadmarks: Ch 1, Pt 1

    Chapter 1: The Failure of the Republican Experiment. Part 1: A Bad Wind. June, 1798. Malta. It is unknown what day it occurred. It was in all likeliness a day just like any other, on an island barely different from any other in the central Mediterranean. The year was not much different...
  6. Napoleon and Josephine meet earlier or don't meet at all.

    Hi all Is there any way Napoleon and Josephine could meet earlier and maybe having a child with him? (I am open to proposals.) I have been tracking Napoleons and Josephine's movements and in 1784 Napoleon was in Paris attending École Militaire but his time there was cut short from two years to...
  7. Cheer

    WI: Protestant France

    How could this happen? Could the initial Reformation make waves from Germany into France? Or maybe a more religiously inclined Napoleon could alter this? What effect would this have on the region and politics if this happened during the original reformation? What about during the French...
  8. thezerech

    Le Prince Imperial Napoleon IV survives the Anglo-Zulu War

    I was wondering what would happen had Le Petite Prince survived the Anglo-Zulu war? How does he interact with WWI? How does this change the weak nascent Third Republic? One idea I had that is borderline wank was, what if unsatisfied with British dithering in getting him to South Africa he...
  9. What is needed for a successful Napoleonic conquest of Britain?

    Of course, Trafalgar needs to not happen. The invasion has to occur 1805 or earlier. But what sort of circumstances would allow Napoleon Bonaparte to defeat Britain?
  10. Blucher totally smashed at Ligny; does Wellington give battle?

    The Prussian army sent to Belgium in 1815 has been called the worst they fielded during the French Wars; Napoleon laid the heaviest of the 16 June blows on them, but did not destroy them. That day, d'Erlon's corps was pulled back and forth by Ney and Napoleon, and saw no action. Wellington...
  11. Does French population still stagnate in Napoleonic victory?

    During the 19th century, Britain, Germany, and Russia saw massive expansions of their populations, often between double and triple, but France's population grew only incrementally, say from 30 million to 40 million. At the start of the century, France had three times the population of Prussia...
  12. WI: French Victory Spring 1813

    So in Spring 1813, Napoleon was mostly fighting Prussia and Russia, and inflicted two defeats on them, at Lutzen and Bautzen. However, both these victories left much to be desired; in the latter case, because Ney fumbled a really good battle plan. If Napoleon had inflicted sharper defeats at...
  13. varyar

    AHC - Bonapartist Finland

    Your challenge, should you choose to accept it, is to give Finland (either Swedish or Russian) independence-of-sorts under a Bonaparte. Have at it!
  14. WI: War of the Sixth Coalition in 1812

    In 1812, Prussia reluctantly entered into an alliance with Napoleon and sent troops to Russia with him. However in late 1811 Russia and Prussia had actually signed a secret military agreement where Russia promised to aid Prussia if the French invaded. The Prussians then attempted to get...
  15. The Ballet of Europe: Pas de deux for a nice-legged Gascon sergeant and a little Corsican corporal

    Prologue Friedrich Wilhelm Freiherr von Bülow was watching the battle unfolding under his eyes with what came close to utter satisfaction. In the privacy of his own mind and only there, he admitted that, although a dedicated army reformer, he had been deathly afraid of moving away from the...
  16. Napoleonic Peace

    Could it have been possible a lasting peace between the UK and Napoleonic France after 1805?
  17. GauchoBadger

    WI: Napoleon goes to Ireland instead of Egypt

    I'm not an expert in the time period, but at least most of us know about Napoleon Bonaparte's disastrous campaign in Egypt. But nappy had another option at the time: British-controlled Ireland. The island was going through a rebellion in the year of 1798, and it was getting crushed without major...