1. Napoleonic Breakway States in Russia

    What if Napoleon had popularity of the minorities in russia,like Whilhem II and Hitler had in both world wars(well,unitl hitler do what he did),and after begining saved by example,a estonian girl, at a battle against russian forces, did take advantage of his popularity to create allied/satellite...
  2. France doesn't invade Egypt in 1798?

    What would've happened had the French not invaded Egypt in 1798? Let's say one of the higher ups in the Republic realizes that it's impossible to control the place in the long term thanks to the presence of the Royal Navy. Would France have won the War of the Second Coalition faster with...
  3. Would Napoleon partitioning the Austrian empire have been a good idea?

    I've seen numerous threads here on what would've happened if Napoleon decided to cut Austria into little pieces bit by bit. Would that have been a wise move? Would a partition result in a Peninsular War style guerilla warfare and resistance by the general population
  4. Whipidedius

    A name for a new capital city of France

    I am creating a scenario in which Napoleon won the war and Napoleon II, to centralize power, avoid pressure from civil unrest and protect the political center of France from a possible external invasion, decide to move the capital from Paris to somewhere in the geographic center of the country...
  5. Osman Aga

    The Great Turk Returns 2.0: Ottoman resurgent TL
    Threadmarks: Mahmud I (1747: The Safavid Visit)

    After a while being out, I set a few things straight in my life. I'll keep the details for myself. I decided to return and continue my participation on Alternate History. In the mean time I started put an halt to all of the TL I was busy with and open a new account rather than the old one. I...
  6. MittleGittle

    WI: A Reinstated Confederation of the Rhine?

    What if the CotR was reinstated at the Treaty of Paris or Congress of Vienna, with its borders being at its height, except for a few I will list: -Saxony is and the lands west of the Rhine are handed over to Prussia. -Hanover and, Hansa Cities, and other German States in the Northwest of...
  7. What is the best-case scenario for Napoleon Bonaparte?

    Within the realm of realism (no ASB, no absurd wanking), what is the most Napoleon could hope to achieve within his lifetime? Could he have honestly defeated Britain, or could he only force them into a ceasefire or stalemate of some kind?
  8. WI: No French Revolution

    The French Revolution (1789-1799) marked the downfall of the Bourbon monarchy in France with the execution of King Louie XVI and Marie Antoinette. Then, there was the rise of liberal democracies/republics, the spread of revolutionary ideals, and Napoleon Bonaparte, one of the greatest generals...
  9. Candidates for an American Napoleon?

    Let's say that the articles of confederation stick around a little longer, maybe a short war even breaks out between 2 states. Could someone then potentially take this as an opportunity to seize power and declare themselves emperor? Who at the time had the popularity, motivation and ability to...
  10. mapperific

    What if the French Revolution never happened? | Fraternité en Rébellion
    Threadmarks: Introduction

    It is 1933, and the world stands on a knife's edge. 60 years have past since the Prussian Revolution, yet its effects are still felt across the globe. The Prussian Republic, along with their allies in London, stand as a beacon of republicanism and its ideals. Surrounded by kingdoms and...
  11. Population Estimates - World of Empires

    Hi All, New here...I've had a bit of a search and can't find something similar so I'm asking for a bit of an estimation help for a short story scenario I'm coming up... - Napolean concurs most of continenal Europe before 1820, then North Africa to the Egyptian border. In 1850s he captures the...
  12. Napoleon's relationship with a surviving Robespierre?

    Now, I just want to make clear, I know that Robespierre most definitely did not have supreme power over France and had to share it with the other members of the Committee of Public Safety. How would their relationship have turned out if, say, the Thermidor Reaction had never occurred? I've read...
  13. Was Napoleon making himself a monarch a mistake?

    This is something I've heard people tossing around here and there. The basic idea is that Napoleon didn't make a very wise move in crowning himself as a monarch, at least in the sense about his family. They say that people respected and adored Napoleon himself, not his family, and that he would...
  14. XFE

    7 Million Ants: Dreams Aloft an Eastern Sea
    Threadmarks: Preface

    7 MILLION ANTS 七百萬隻螞蟻 Dreams Aloft an Eastern Sea Kennedy Town, pre-Revolutionary Victoria, 1954 七百萬隻螞蟻 唔容易走埋一齊 7 Million ants, how easy was it for them to come together? [1] Preface This project started out as an attempt to do a big, thicc map in commemoration of my 5th year on
  15. WI: Treaty of Amiens created a longer peace?

    IOTL the treaty broke in just about a year, what if it lasted for 5 years, or prevents all Napoleonic wars? How does the rest of the 19th century develop?
  16. WI:Bonaparte follow Paoli, Napoleon born in London

    I was reading about the history of Napoleon’s father, Carlo Bonaparte,(don’t ask me why) and he was an personal assistant of Pasquale Paoli, that after the annexation of Corsica by France, go to the exile in London. Carlo, in contrast, go to French side and get a job in the local administration...
  17. Goweegie2

    Sword and Spirit: A Paille-au-Nez World
    Threadmarks: Main Page; PoD

    Welcome guys, gals, and nonbinary pals to the official thread for my new TL, Sword and Spirit! I've been posting teasers for a bit so I figure it's probably time I made an official thread. I'm also crossposting this to Sufficient Velocity and Sea Lion Press, so if any of you use those sites you...
  18. WI: Decisive Austrian Victory at Aspern?

    On 21 May, Napoleon had 3 infantry and 3 cavalry divisions on the north bank of the Danube. The infantry held the villages of Aspern and Essling, while two cavalry divisions covered the wide gap between them. Archduke Charles had four times as many men in his 4 army and 2 reserve corps, but...
  19. Cold War Between the United States and Napoleonic France

    A Conservative Coalition riding on a campaign of national security and fear of Bolshevism wins the 1936 French Elections. Over the next year or so, the French Republic is wracked with instability due to Communist and Fascist groups fighting in the streets, and the conservative government’s...
  20. Basileus_Komnenos

    Imperator Francorum: A Napoleon II Timeline
    Threadmarks: Prologue

    Imperator Francorum: A Napoleon II Timeline “I envy that boy. Glory is waiting there for him: I had to run after her. I will have been Phillip: he will be Alexander. He has only to extend an arm, and the world is his.”...