napoleon ii

  1. Niegel

    WI: July Napoleonic Monarchy

    This is a POD that just came to mind: Napoleon decides to stay in Elba despite everything. Meanwhile, in Paris another popular revolt occurs caused by the discontent of the Bourbons that leads to the proclamation of a short-lived Second Republic. This alarms the Coalition which leaves its...
  2. Whipidedius

    A name for a new capital city of France

    I am creating a scenario in which Napoleon won the war and Napoleon II, to centralize power, avoid pressure from civil unrest and protect the political center of France from a possible external invasion, decide to move the capital from Paris to somewhere in the geographic center of the country...
  3. European Map of Bonaparte's Butterflies, A "Realistic" Napoleonic Victory Scenario + Lore

    Link to larger map here: I posted this to Reddit originally, but I figured here might be a better place to get discussion and possible feedback. I've never seen a Napoleon Alternate History that I liked. It was either extremely awesome but unrealistic (I.E Napoleon's World) or something like...
  4. Duke of Reichstadt

    The Eaglet: Napoleon II, Unbound
    Threadmarks: 1.1 - Late Nights at the Schönbrunn

    THE CHANCELLOR OF AUSTRIA - PRINCE VON METTERNICH Late nights were the rule at Schönbrunn, not the exception. Another letter, another problem. "... And we have been hearing reports of desire for the people in the lower areas of the United Kingdom of the Netherlands to create their own...
  5. Basileus_Komnenos

    Imperator Francorum: A Napoleon II Timeline
    Threadmarks: Prologue

    Imperator Francorum: A Napoleon II Timeline “I envy that boy. Glory is waiting there for him: I had to run after her. I will have been Phillip: he will be Alexander. He has only to extend an arm, and the world is his.”...
  6. GameBawesome

    AHC: Napoleon II, Emperor of France

    Challenge: How can Napoleon II, son of Napoleon Bonaparte, gain the throne of France, and become Emepror of France?
  7. GameBawesome

    AHC: House of Bonaparte remains in power in France

    Challenge: Have Napoleon lose the war, but instead of restoring the Bourbons back to the French throne, have the House of Bonaparte remain the emperor. One possibility is to have Napoleon's son, who's mother was Austrian, Napoleon II become Emperor, with someone was regent until he was old...
  8. Challenge and plea : Napoléon II wank

    Can someone please write a timeline where Napoléon II does not die at the age of 21! Also could you make him king of a large country, any country. With a long and prosperous reign!
  9. A Frenchman in Vienna
    Threadmarks: Prologue

    Prologue 22 July 1832 Schönbrunn Palace, Vienna, Austria Napoléon François Charles Joseph Bonaparte, Duke of Reichstadt, heir to Napoléon I, King of Rome, lay...
  10. Esprit Du Monde

    Chapter I: Trafalgar and its aftermath - PT. 1: Trafalgar and England's Invasion "Damn you, Nelson! Damn you!!!" - King George III of Great Britain upon receiving the news of the home fleet's destruction at Trafalgar. In 1805, Europe in conflict for a year. Napoleon I of France had by this...
  11. Sicarius Sanguinius

    Victoria and Napoleon II marry - and the consequences

    Hi all. If this has been discussed post it please, thanks. I have been studying all of the different possible King, Queen and marriage combinations of England/Great Britain. One that really interests me is a marriage between Victoria and Napoleon II (Napoleon has been defeated by the way). The...