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  1. Music, Hippies, and Pop Culture of an alternate KMT-ruled China during the 1960s

    In my revised alt-timeline scenario, KMT-ruled China of the 1960s is a Western ally that possesses a nuclear arsenal. As of 1967, it has a large GDP of 500 billion USD and a population of 700 million. Its territory spans OTL China, Taiwan, the Diaoyu Islands, and Western Xikang Province...
  2. If Kurt Cobain Never Died

    Kurt Cobain was an American musician and co-founder of the band Nirvana. He traveled worldwide to perform and helped create songs that amass billions of listens on many different video and music platforms online. He was born on February 20, 1967. Cobain and his family had a long musical history...
  3. mspence

    A Later Development For Hip Hop

    The 1977 New York City blackout is largely credited with jump-starting the city's hip hop scene, but WI it hadn't happened? What would a later hip hop movement have looked like in the mid to late Eighties? Would the east west rap feud have happened differently, for example?
  4. Emperor Max

    Paul really is dead

    What if Beatle Paul McCartney actually died in 1966, rather than just being an unfounded conspiracy theory?
  5. Duke Andrew of Dank

    Alternate Bands/Songwriters

    As the only other thread has been dormant for 10 years, I chose to make another fairly straightforward thread. Dedicated to making up your own bands or songwriters. For example: Lies Of Our Allies Origin: Mishawaka, Indiana Genre: Novelty Metal Active: 1987 - 2015 One of the more unique bands...
  6. WI: More double albums before the compact disc

    First some information: The average folk/rock/pop album released before the compact disc was less than 45 minutes long. While classical LPs often had up to half an hour per side, rock and pop albums longer than 45 minutes tended to be double albums. A compact disc (digital audio) can hold up 80...
  7. Sexto Rodríguez is a more successful singer and songwriter

    @JuliantheUnknown, @Mr. Havana, & @ennobee - Can you imagine Rodríguez having a more successful career, making more albums over a longer period? Perhaps he would have started in 1962 (when he turned 20) or maybe earlier.
  8. Emperor Max

    WI: at least one member of Bucks Fizz die in 1984 coach crash

    So, on 11 December 1984, the British pop group Bucks Fizz‘s tour coach crashed into a lorry on the way to a concert. No one died but all of the band members were injured, most significantly Mike Nolan, who still suffers from the effects of the crash to this day. For those wondering, Bucks Fizz...
  9. The_Persian_Cat

    Alternate anthems, honours music, etc.

    Anthems: we all have 'em. A national anthem is a song which is supposed to officially represent a nation. Likewise, a royal anthem represents a monarch or a dynasty. There's supposed to be both an aesthetic and a symbolic dimension to which music is chosen as the national anthem. Given that...
  10. KacperO

    Album Covers from an alternate universe II

    Let's go to continue Loulou's original threads! Michael Jackson's New Album in 2011 if he didn't died in 2009.
  11. The Mumblers: A Musical Timeline

    I don't intend this to be a long story (unless something radical happens) but I had a funny little idea recently while listening to one of my favorite songs and imagining what it would've been like if this band existed in some alternate plane. Is this realistic? Not particularly. This is the...
  12. KacperO

    WI: Depeche Mode Break-Up in 1995.

    this is alternate sadly timeline for DM fan. Depeche Mode confirms break-up after last album, Song of Faith and Devotion. wait until Dave Gahan goes solo. ;)
  13. More Than A Feeling

    AH 1's Supplementary Thread

    Read this first Alternate Billboard 1's. This is for supplementary stuff for that thread like album details, fictional band histories et cetera.
  14. Auran

    The Soft Machine Rigmarole - A Soft Machine Timeline
    Threadmarks: 1967: Shooting at the Moon

    1967: Shooting at the Moon The Soft Machine, 1967 The year is 1967. Psychedelia is in full swing, The Beatles had begun working on their masterwork album Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band, and the clubs are a hotspot for acts providing a new sound for this new youth culture. Among the...
  15. Pre-1900 music PODs

    What might be some interesting Pre-1900 music PODs?