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  1. Sixto Rodriguez is a more successful singer and songwriter

    I did start a thread about this before but got the spelling wrong. So again, suppose he started his musical career early, say as early as 1962, made more albums and was more successful. Could he have been the jewel in Motown's crown?
  2. Sexto Rodríguez is a more successful singer and songwriter

    @JuliantheUnknown, @Mr. Havana, & @ennobee - Can you imagine Rodríguez having a more successful career, making more albums over a longer period? Perhaps he would have started in 1962 (when he turned 20) or maybe earlier.
  3. Emperor Max

    AHC: Real-life British 'ultimate supergroup'

    In 2013, there was a poll to determine the ideal supergroup of British musicians was conducted and the results were: Singer: Freddie Mercury Guitarist: Brian May Keyboard: Elton John Bass: Paul McCartney Drums: Phil Collins Your challenge is to have a supergroup with this exact lineup. The...
  4. World Mapping

    How does a Confederate victory in the American Civil War affect the history of music?

    How does a Confederate victory in the American Civil War affect the history of music, as the CSA and USA are not one nation?
  5. SouthernWind

    WI: Mozart moves to Paris in 1778

    According to a very popular and widespread legend about Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart's youth, when he was eleven years old and performing one of his concerts at the court of Empress Maria Theresa, he paid homage to a little lady of the royal retinue, even asking her to marry him. That young lady...
  6. More Than A Feeling

    AH 1's Supplementary Thread

    Read this first Alternate Billboard 1's. This is for supplementary stuff for that thread like album details, fictional band histories et cetera.
  7. Auran

    The Soft Machine Rigmarole - A Soft Machine Timeline
    Threadmarks: 1967: Shooting at the Moon

    1967: Shooting at the Moon The Soft Machine, 1967 The year is 1967. Psychedelia is in full swing, The Beatles had begun working on their masterwork album Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band, and the clubs are a hotspot for acts providing a new sound for this new youth culture. Among the...
  8. Pre-1900 music PODs

    What might be some interesting Pre-1900 music PODs?