1. WI: Jamukha as Genghis Khan

    What many people forget is that "Genghis Khan" was not a name, but a title, and a title that could very well have been claimed by a different man. Jamukha was an ally and blood brother to Temujin, and they waged a campaign against the Merkits together. However, their differences and ambitions...
  2. Cultural effects of a Mongol Western Europe

    How would Western Europe be changed if the Mongols could conquer it? (This question of whether they could have is asked frequently enough I don't want to ask it again. Personally, I think so if Ogedei Khan didn't die, but it would have been difficult). Would greater connection to the East...
  3. Could the Russians have held off the Mongols?

    "Never invade Russia"--unless you're the Mongols (John Green) So could the Russians have stopped the Mongols, or was it too little, too late? Have any other armies successfully invaded Russia as well?
  4. No Mongols means No Tatars?

    I have this question because the languages spoken by the tatars are from the Cuman-Kipchak branch that originated from the old cuman confederation that existed in the Eurasian Steppe before the arrival of the Mongols, but independent Tatar states started to exist only after the arrival of the...
  5. kasumigenx

    Re: To Wear two crowns
    Threadmarks: Chapter 1

    Re: To Wear two crowns Richard I as Portrayed in the Movie Robinhood On December of 1194, the Duke of Austria died causing possible marriage negotiations between Eleanor of Brittany and Frederick of Austria to falter and Eleanor of Aquitaine would choose her other niece, Alice of Blois as...
  6. If not for the Tsunami would it have been a given that the Mongols would have conquered Japan?

    The second Mongol fleet had over 4000 ships and 140,000 soldiers and was the largest naval invasion until D-Day 750 years later. Is there any doubt that if not for the Tsunami that struck that the Mongols would have successfully conquered Japan? Would the Japanese resistance have been able to...
  7. kasumigenx

    The lucky marriage – Kasumigenx cut aka 13th century wars of Roses
    Threadmarks: A Boy’s death

    The lucky marriage – Kasumigenx cut A Boy’s death Freepedia Freepedia Freepedia Note: Arthur of Brittany is dead on this timeline as an infant, John thought that his crown was secure but he is mistaken
  8. AltoRegnant

    DBWI: Mongols Conquer Kievan Rus?

    Otl, the kievan rus were in the path of the mongol khans, but were able to largely survive the onslaught of the Khanates. But what if the Rus had fallen, exposing eastern europe to the hordes?
  9. WI: Börte never kidnapped

    The abduction of Börte by the Merkit is considered by many scholars to be one of the defining events in the life of Temüjin, who would later be known as Genghis Khan. These scholars contend that it moved him along the path towards becoming a conqueror. What if this kidnapping had failed, or had...
  10. Gothicus

    Mongol Byzantium

    The idea of the Mongols (or an independent Mongol warlord) taking over Constantinople, adopting Greek traditions, converting to Orthodoxy, and subsequently establishing a new Eastern Roman dynasty during the 13th century is commonly brought up, but how and when could this happen, and who could...
  11. WI: The Mongols invade Europe a year earlier

    The story that the Mongol invasion of Europe failed to reach the Atlantic because of the death of Ögedei Khan is a popular one, but I find it to be unlikely, due to the vast distances that messengers would have to travel. I'm more inclined to believe the theory that they withdrew because of...
  12. No black death

    So, the black death spread across Europe in 1300. If i've studied well, the main reason this happened was the war for Caffa in Crimea between a mongol khan and the Genoese. The mongols used corpses on catapults as chemical weapons but still lost the battle while the Ligurian survivors infected...
  13. WI: Khwarezm allies with the Mongols

    While the Mongol conquest of Khwarezm was notoriously brutal, it wasn't Genghis Khan's intention to go to war. He wanted trade, and possibly an alliance. What if he'd gotten one? How would things be different?
  14. The_Persian_Cat

    WI: Mongols had besieged Vienna?

    Hello all, During the reign of Odogei Khan, Mongol forces led by Batu Khan and Subutai won a great victory at the Battle of Mohi in 1241, and Hungary and Croatia were subjugated. Mongol forces began moving into Austria. Wiener Neustadt, located just south of Vienna, was raided in 1241. After...
  15. AHD: The Caliphate, its nature and the potentiality for Rebellion, a short discussion

    This is an introduction to a discussion to a topic that I have thought about quite often as of late. To preface, the comparison made, is one that postulates the Arab conquests and Islamic invasion as both an inheritor of sorts of some aspects of those prior, both Roman, Mesopotamian, Jewish...
  16. Whiteshore

    No 4th Crusade: How does Byzantium/Rhomania develop?

    In a scenario where either the 4th Crusade was never launched or went to Egypt as originally planned, how would the Byzantine/Rhomanian Empire develop? What are the long-term prospects of their survival without the Fourth Crusade breaking the empire's back? How long does the Angeloi rule over...
  17. Alternate Routes of Migration

    This is a serious question, but based off of what we know about the Indo-European Migrations, were these specific migration patterns inevitable or could they equally have just gone South and West into the Levant and eventually North Africa. In addition, were the Mongol conquests inevitable...
  18. AHC: Mongols restore Ayyubids to Egypt

    In the mid-13th century the Ayyubids still existed but had been pushed to Syria by the Mamluks who established their sultanate in Cairo. Ayyubids were weakened and defeated by the Mongols, but some Ayyubid emirs sided with the Mongols, which ultimately led to their discredit and decline when the...
  19. DBWI: No Genghisid Dynasties in France, Germany, or Italy?

    Basically just what the header says. It's hard to imagine a world where the Mongols didn't invade and conquer Western Europe just as they did in many other parts of the world. This region became the bastion of Mongol Cultural, Economic, and Military might even as it faded in Asia. These...
  20. WI: Marco Polo stays/dies in China

    For whatever reason, Marco Polo stays in, or isn't allowed to leave China, or he dies from some kind of disease/accident there. He doesn't get to dictate his Travels while in prison by the Genoese. What kind of effect would this have, if any on the age of exploration?