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  1. सार्थक (Sārthākā)

    Providence and the United Kingdom: A British TL
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    What is this? Oh you know.......another Timeline? Don't you have like 2 ongoing timelines and multiple others? ......yes? *Sigh* what is it about? Basically a different history of Britain after the Crimean War to make a 'better' Britain. Better does not mean bigger though. The only land Britain...
  2. AntoniousTheBro

    AHC: convince the U.S. to adopt the steyr acr

    the goal is too look into the viability of either convincing the U.S. to adopt the steyr acr or have a version which maintains a similar design philosophy which can get the U.S. to adopt it. looking at the former more then the latter though the latter is still great but closer to the original...
  3. AHC: Military Revolution Outside Europe

    This challenge calls for one or more military leaders outside of the Western World to be able to develop and field small, cohesive and highly organized, professional, technologically advanced, and highly motivated armies that can function in long, extended campaigns that may involve combat in a...