1. GameBawesome

    Effects of Spain keeping Mexico?

    Hypothetically, What if the Mexican War for independence, never happened? Let’s say, New Spain doesn’t revolt, and remains loyal to Spain, despite the troubling times in Spain itself, and the revolutions in South America? How would Spain keeping Mexico effect the American Expansion? Could New...
  2. Jon Souto

    Mexico Does Not Lose Territory

    Various Mexican provinces (Texas; for example) seceded due to the centralist regime inposed by Santa Anna. How could be avoided the creation of the centralist regime? Would the Mexican-American War still happen? If it still happened, how could Mexico win the war and not lose it’s territories to...
  3. DBWI: Mexico becomes a republic

    The Old World is commonly thought of as a place of monarchies, and the New a place of republics. While this is generally true, there are exceptions in both cases. One of these is the Mexican Empire. What if Mexico had ended up becoming a republic?
  4. If mexico was not invaded by France during the American civil war; would it have invaded America to reconquer it's territory?

    Would mexico try to reconquer it's territory from the United States during the civil war; if it never got invaded by France?
  5. what are the best ways on how to achieve a better-off Mexico?

    There are a multiple ways in which Mexico, which would have had the similar economic potential early in the mid-19th century to early 20th century as Japan, South Korea, Australia, US and Canada, did could have infinitely become better off than the mess it has become in the past 100-plus years...
  6. Etruscan-enthusiast35

    Mormons in Mexico

    So, let us assume that Mexico manages to pull a surprise victory, or something occurs in Washington which makes the idea of going to war with Mexico undesirable, point is Mexico keeps its land, case closed. Now let's also assume that Mormon history up to this point had remained the same, and the...
  7. Las Madroñas de Quadra
    Threadmarks: A Homecoming

    The loudspeaker broadcast the final boarding call for the ferry. I had been smoking a cigarette and staring out across the harbour, looking at nothing in particular but taking in the sunshine on a nearly cloudless day. The announcement broke my focus, so I grabbed my backpack off the dock, mate...
  8. Álvaro Obregón wasn't assassinated in 1928?

    Álvaro Obregón was one of the Mexican Revolution's most famous generals, being the one who crushed Pancho Villa's forces at the decisive Battle of Celaya. Because of that, he was elected president of Mexico in 1920, with his term expiring four years later, after which he was succeeded by his...
  9. DBAHC: More successful Canada, less successful Mexico

    Canada and Mexico are, in many ways, a study in contrasts. The former is infamous for seemingly being a "perpetual developing country", whereas the latter is known as an overall quite successful country despite a rough start (it does have some lingering issues, but no country is perfect). Your...
  10. KingOnTheEdge

    Assuming Early Colonization: How Far South Could You Sail From Carolina In 1495?

    So I'm working on my timeline, The Death of Ferdinand, and in it, Charles VIII hired Columbus instead of Castile (under Joanna, Isabella's rival claimant), and he has established a small settlement in Carolina, I'm thinking near the border of them. Now, they've found some small bits of quartz...
  11. Alternate United States of America (Union of American States)

    The United States of America An Alternate Timeline Summary (Introduction/Side Note) Hello. Thank you for visiting my new page on what an alternate history of the United States might look like. I tried to incorporate as much realism as possible while still adding enough "action" to make it...
  12. Strong Mexico TLs

    Any TLs besides HeX's A More Perfect Union that have a strong Mexico? I am interested in those for some reason...
  13. Antonio Ferrari

    New participants to ww2

    A spiritual successor from my New participants to ww1. We all know that the Axis Powers were composed by Germany, Italy, Japan, their puppet states, Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria, the co belligerent Finland, Iraq and Siam. But what if they had more allies? What if the Axis was also reinforced by...
  14. KingOnTheEdge

    DBWI: Spanish Mexique

    Otl, a french ship seeking to trade with early spanish colonies in the caribbean (and maybe claim an island for the captain, Henry Caron, sources vary) blew off course, and landed in the rich lands of mesoamerica. Seeing all the gold laden cities as the Aztecs gave them refuge for a short time...
  15. Plausibility: Captaincies General in New Spain as separate countries

    Is it plausible for the various captaincies general of New Spain to end up each forming the basis of separate countries the way others in Latin America did?
  16. KingOnTheEdge

    AHC: Sideline The US Senate Before 1900

    Reminder: no current politics; we don't need a bear sighting Otl, the senate and house are coequal houses of legislation. Your challenge is to strip the senate of all extra-legislative powers. No treaties, cabinet and SC nominations going to the house, etc. BUT, the US needs to have otl borders...
  17. WI: More Irish immigration to Mexico

    What if more Irish immigrants had gone to Mexico? How might it have changed Mexico and the Irish diaspora?
  18. This is all a country, welcome to the United States of America!
    Threadmarks: Welcome to the United States of America

    It's worth dreaming what wasn't, to forget what was. Tons of ideas, and little time to make them. Stories you'd like to explore but don't achieve your goals. There are several alternative stories I have in planning. Although only one I am currently developing but I already have the basis of AH...
  19. What would the consequences be of an unsuccessful Gasdsen Purchase be?

    The Gadsden Purchase was an agreement by the United States and Mexico that secured them a significant piece of land in what is now southern Arizona and New Mexico. Southerners desired a transcontinental railway line from the South to the West Coast, believing it would bring economic prosperity...
  20. DBAHC: Screw Mexico

    Your challenge is to have Mexico do significantly worse than it did IOTL.