mexican empire

  1. thezerech

    Plausability Check: French Victory at the battle of Puebla?

    I imagine that the Mexicans could be lured out into the field, were French artillery and equipment could show their worth, however I just want to make sure that this is plausible. Are any other Expeditionary Forces available for Lorencez to use?
  2. Grenadye Alaso!:A Haiti TL
    Threadmarks: Background

    Background: Haiti in 1825 was a young isolated nation. It just fought a bloody war of freedom 20 years earlier. Now the new leader Jean-Pierre Boyer was living in fear of France coming back. So, Boyer started “negotiations” for France to agree to recognize Haiti unless it paid 150 million...
  3. AHC: Mexican Pacific Empire

    With a POD of 1815 or later, what's the largest Pacific Empire that Mexico could have acquired? Perhaps the Philippines, Hawaii, and maybe the part of New Guinea that was colonized by Imperial Germany?
  4. GauchoBadger

    Largest and Most Plausible Mexiwank

    What is the largest that mexican territory could get without stepping too much on ASB territory? Could they conquer or purchase the Oregon province or Alaska, effectively blocking US access to the sea in the process? Could they engage in further conquests in the caribbean, or should they only be...
  5. Vault boy

    Mexicanos, ¡Valientes Seguid! (reboot - A TL about the Mexican Empire)
    Threadmarks: Chapter 1: An old beginning ~ Or how Agus and Toño got into a Pissing Contest

    Very well, as many of you already know, there was a day in which I did an alternate timeline about the Mexican Empire. This one was going to run from October 1822, when the POD forced Agustín I to keep on his travel to Veracruz to confront Santa Anna (and make him eat his own “bluff”) instead of...
  6. Vault boy

    ¡Mexicanos! Valientes Seguid - A Mexican Empire TL

    ¡Mexicanos Valientes Seguid! A timeline by Vault boy Tagline: “I have had it with these Motherfornicating “U.S. destroys Mexico with impunity” TLs in this Motherfornicating forum”. Well, after considering it for a long time, I have decided to unleash this little monster upon this forum...
  7. Petike

    Best possible routes for Mexico with a POD in the early 19th century

    The title says it all. By "best possible", I mean : - a route to independence (whether sooner or later in OTL doesn't matter, as long as Mexico doesn't lose more from it than gains) - greater social stability, better development of the domestic economy and greater industrialization - stable...