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  1. DBWI: Mexico becomes a republic

    The Old World is commonly thought of as a place of monarchies, and the New a place of republics. While this is generally true, there are exceptions in both cases. One of these is the Mexican Empire. What if Mexico had ended up becoming a republic?
  2. what are the best ways on how to achieve a better-off Mexico?

    There are a multiple ways in which Mexico, which would have had the similar economic potential early in the mid-19th century to early 20th century as Japan, South Korea, Australia, US and Canada, did could have infinitely become better off than the mess it has become in the past 100-plus years...
  3. JuanmaSingh

    Plus Ultra: A Spanish Revival
    Threadmarks: Chapter 1

    Chapter 1: A miraculous escape. The dangerous presence of more than 65,000 french troops in the Spanish mainland and their control over the comunication with Portugal, the French border and even Madrid, with the adition of the Napoleon's exigences over the realms of Carlos IV ended up alarming...
  4. Plausibility: Second Mexican Empire from 1848 under Augustin II?

    Is it possible, in the aftermath of the U.S./Mexico war, to have the eldest son of the deposed post-independence Mexican monarch take power? He was a field commander in the war with the U.S. in OTL. What might the consequences of this be?
  5. GameBawesome

    WI: Ferdinand VII accepted the Crown of Mexico

    In 1821, after the Declaration of Independence of the Mexican Empire, the Mexican congress offered Ferdinand VII to become Mexican Emperor, and establish a sort of Commonwealth with Spain and Mexico. But he refused. What if, Ferdinand VII did accept the Crown of Mexico, and became Emperor of...
  6. Juan, Count of Montizón as Emperor of Mexico

    In the lead up to the French intervention in Mexico which installed Maximilian as Emperor of Mexico, it was proposed that Juan, Count of Montizón be offered the crown, which in OTL he declined. Would Emperor Juan of Mexico, already too liberal for the Carlists, have been more successful than...
  7. Cinco de Mayo
    Threadmarks: May 5 1862

    May 5, 1862 " is thus with great pleasure that I can report that our forces overwhelmed the Mexican forces by midday, after beginning our artillery assault upon the city of Puebla at dawn. Approximately 300 deaths were sustained by the enemy against a mere 23 of our own, and as I...
  8. Odinson

    What if France didn't intervene in Mexico during the 1860s?

    As the titles says, what if France never invaded in 1864? How does Mexico develop? EDIT: 1861, not 1864
  9. AHC/WI Exiled Spanish crown moves the Empire to Mexico?

    Like the Portuguese court, what if and how, the crown were expell from Spain, by Napoleon and maybe the wars go on longer or a liberal revolution keeps them from returning and forces them to set their Empire in America? Were would make more sense to set their capital, Lima or Mexico city? Both...
  10. Antonio the Komnenoi

    Viva El Emperador ! An alternate TL of Mexico
    Threadmarks: Prologue

    Prologue In 1821, the Viceroyalty of New Spain was independent and looking for a government, Liberals wanted a Republic and Conservatives wanted a European King, they had neither. They had a Ursuper General called Agustín Ituribe, but he was overthrown little time after taking the throne and a...
  11. Antonio the Komnenoi

    Could there be a Restoration of the Mexican Monarchy during the revolution ?

    What PoDs would need to happen for Agustín de Ituribe e Green to be able to restore the Mexican Monarchy during the Mexican Revolution (1910-1917) ?
  12. Second Mexican Empire Survives! ( Ruthless Maximilian)

    Hello everyone. I am new to this forum, so please give me all your advice on how to go about doing this. I am very excited to talk about the Mexican Empire. There are few Points of Divergence that get this timeline going. In this timeline, Archduke Maximilian of Austria and Princess Charlotte of...
  13. The Militant Doberman

    WI: USA-Mexican Dual Monarchy?

    I’ve seen various speculations on the topic of monarchist USA and alternative possible fates for Mexico & US, but I’ve never seen something like this brought up: 1) POD #1: USA chooses to become/remain a monarchy in the aftermath of the American Revolutionary War. If there is still a need to...
  14. Regimate

    AHC: Mexico defeats the USA

    Try and find a way for Mexico, from the date of independence in 1821 to date of the Mexican-American war in 1846, to win against the USA and become a stronger power than it is today. Try not to do actions that would only make sense in hindsight(like insider trading but for history), but choices...
  15. JonasResende

    WI: Maximilian of Austria, Emperor of Mexico Has a Daughter

    So, a bit of a twist on the usual let Maximilian of Austria have kids scenario. Say he and Charlotte have a daughter, Luise Marie Sophie, sometime in the late 1850s, early 1860s, but no other kids. When he gets offered the Mexican Crown, does he attempt to engage Luise to one of the Iturbide...
  16. Help Wanted: Seeking Emperor - Bonaparte Mexico
    Threadmarks: Chapter I: Sunshine Soldier and Summer Patriot / Interview

    1820 Joseph Bonaparte by Charles Willson Peale, 1820 “Joseph, though he has much talent and genius, is too good a man, and too fond of amusement and literature, to be a king” Napoleon Bonaparte, former Emperor of the French, to Dr. Barry O’Meara regarding Emperor Jose I, 1817 The men...
  17. AHC/WI: Modern Mexican Empire

    What do you guys think Mexico would be like if they kept the monarchy? How would the country's history and culture evolve? What would geopolitics be like? How would history be shaped? Photos, maps and infoboxes are welcomed.
  18. ETGalaxy

    Das Ewige Reich: A Timeline of Empires

    Well, this is my second attempt at a timeline and will focus on a world where the War of the First Coalition goes quite differently. I'll post the first three chapters and leave a poll to see how people like this. If the reception is positive I'll continue this timeline. Hopefully you'll enjoy this!
  19. GauchoBadger

    PC:WI: A greater Cinco De Mayo

    Even though i'm not from the US or Mexico, the events partaking the Battle Of Puebla, which led to the Cinco De Mayo celebration that is being held today, interested me. Digging a bit deeper, i found out about a second battle in Puebla, whereas the mexican rebels where finally defeated by...
  20. The Legacy of an Adventurer: A Mexican TL
    Threadmarks: Section 1

    Hi, I'm new to the Alt History site and want to get my feet wet in TL writing by writing a TL about an obscure event and time that I feel would have... interesting effects on the history of North America, if not the world. All constructive criticism is welcome, and I hope I don't make a complete...