meiji restoration

  1. How could Japan keep the Army and Navy under Control

    Pretty much the title. I've read a fair bit about how the Army and Navy in Imperial Japan circumvent the civilian government and act independently. That causes some issues for Japan both internally and externally so it seems like a pretty big issue that would have to be solved in order to have a...
  2. Qing invade japan in 1830 just before opium wars

    how successful would a qing invasion of japan be in 1830 just before opium wars with preperations since 1800 ?
  3. सार्थक (Sārthākā)

    In the Lap of the Himalayas
    Threadmarks: The Change

    In the Lap of the Himalayas – A Timeline on Nepal Authors Note:- As a half-nepali, it is absolutely incensing to me how different and thus, more prosperous Nepal could have easily been should a few incidents have been different. Today we live in a Nepal that is poor, desperately trying to play...
  4. Incanian

    The Broken Boards War against the Rising Sun (WI Japanese invade Empire of Hawaii during Meiji Rest)

    So I was wondering what potential areas could Japan colonize swiftly after it's Meiji Restoration. So I was thinking Hawaii could be annexed before America, so what if Japan went to war against the Empire of Hawaii? Who'd be involved? When would it happen? How would this affect World war I...
  5. WI: The Ezo Republic Survives

    The Ezo Republic was a US-inspired Republic with suffrage for the samurai class that existed on the island we now call Hokkaido. It was taken by a force of 7,000 IJA troops after the Battle of Hakodate, and the Republic ceased to exist in July. What can be changed to allow this state to survive...