mehmed ii

  1. WI: Vlad kills or captures Mehmed in 1462?

    In 1462, Mehmed the Conqueror gathered an army of 150,000 to invade Wallachia, seeking to depose its treacherous ruler, Vlad the Impaler, and install his younger brother Radu the Handsome. Knowing his own forces would be no match for the Ottoman army in a conventional war, Vlad resorted to...
  2. Gokbay

    WI: Sultan Cem I

    WI of the sons of Mehmed II "the Conqueror" Cem had won the succession war between him and his brother Bayezid II? OTL he was defeated and went to exile in Egypt and Europe. What if he had became the Sultan? It would butterfly Selim the Grim (well he would be born but his reign would be...
  3. WI: Mehmed the Conqueror killed in the Night Attack at Târgoviște

    In 1462, Mehmed the Conqueror was invading Wallachia to defeat his treacherous former vassal, Vlad the Impaler. Knowing his forces would be no match for the Ottomans in a pitched battle, Vlad used scorched earth tactics and guerilla warfare against the Sultan and his army. One of his most daring...
  4. KidCabralista

    WI: Mehmed II Conquered Rome?

    Sultan Mehmed II, the Conquerer Suprisingly, there haven't been many threads on this topic, despite seeming like perfect Alternate History fodder. Anyways... Sultan Mehmed II, the Great Conqueror, spent a good deal of his life on the warpath. After adding Genoese Crimea to his growing...
  5. Mehmed II killed during the Night Attack

    Apparently, during the Night Attack against Wallachia in 1462, Mehmed II, Sultan of the Ottomans, was nearly killed by Vlad III the Impaler. What would be the results of his death so soon after the fall of Constantinople and Trebizond, when both of his sons were still so young?