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  1. WI: Elizabeth Tudor converts to Catholicism

    Let's say that at some point of her life (most likely relatively early) , Elizabeth Tudor, - a daughter of late king Henry VIII, decided that there is something about Catholic Faith, and converts to it by choice. I think that the most likely time for it is during early reign of her...
  2. What if Mary I had an heir?

    Would it lead to a Catholic USA?
  3. ordinarylittleme

    Mary’s Miracles, the Tiny Tudors Challenge
    Threadmarks: Mary's Miracles

    April 1555 Mary I of England's pregnancy was derided as a pipe dream of a middle-aged woman who longed for the glory days of her youth. She was nearing the age of forty and was considered by everyone to be too old to conceive. Yet she never lost hope that God had blessed her after decades of...
  4. Grymt

    The Unexpected: In the time of Louis XII's heir

    Hello. I finally publish a third version of my initial TL on Louis XII's posthomous heir. If it takes so much time before rewriting the tale, it mainly because I decided months ago to publish this TL on the French Forum "Forum des Uchronies Francophones", mainly because it was easier for me to...
  5. What if Henry VIII's children by his first three wives had had children/gotten married?

    What would happen? Of course this would require Elizabeth to not be sexually abused by Katherine Parr's new husband, in order for her to even consider marriage (and she still might not, who knows). What if Henry had arranged marriages/betrothals for Mary and Elizabeth before his death? Mary was...
  6. Monarch approved matches for Tudor Claimants under a Marian reign

    The premise is Mary ascended to the throne after her father died in his 1536 jousting accident. She married her cousin James V King of Scots. Elizabeth had to take the veil as a child and died young. So, who would be safe matches for the Tudor/ Stewart claimants? Frances Brandon and the 2nd...
  7. ordinarylittleme

    The Bloody Rose - A Collaborative TL
    Threadmarks: The Bloody Rose

    April 1555 Mary I of England's pregnancy was derided as a pipe dream of a middle-aged woman who longed for the glory days of her youth. She was nearing the age of forty and was considered by everyone to be too old to conceive. Yet she never lost hope that God had blessed her after decades of...
  8. ordinarylittleme

    Queen Mary's Heirs
    Threadmarks: Queen Mary's Heirs

    inspired by: "In the last week of April 1555, Elizabeth was released from house arrest and called to court as a witness of the birth, which was expected imminently. Many physicians tended to the queen, and the king...
  9. ordinarylittleme

    Francis III, Duke of Brittany and Mary I of England?

    The two were betrothed as children before this arrangement was broken off. What if it hadn't been broken off? What if the two married in 1533, right before Mary was declared illegitimate? And because Francis' father and brother had seven and ten children, respectively, and Mary's mother was...
  10. Mary became queen of England in 1536?

    What if Henry VIII's 1536 jousting accident kills him, and Mary becomes queen almost two decades earlier than IOTL? I assume England would stay a Catholic country ITTL. Who could be Mary's husband, and what could happen to Ireland if both countries are Catholic? What about Scotland, would the...
  11. EternalMadness1997

    Children of the Bloody Queen: A Tudor Timeline
    Threadmarks: The Bloody Heir

    Hello and welcome to my third timeline, and one that I have been cooking for sometime. As the title suggests, this is going to be a "what if Mary Tudor's pregnancy(ies) had been real rather than phantom?" timeline. I'll try to make this be as realistic as possible, though don't be afraid to...
  12. WI: Jane Seymour survived Edward VI's birth.

    For too long, Jane Seymour has been the "Plaine Jane," boring wife who was a nice stepmother and died after giving birth to Henry's precious son. What would have happened if Jane had survived Edward's birth? King Henry VIII (b. June 28, 1491) married Queen Jane Seymour (c. 1508) 1. Prince...
  13. WI: All of Katherine of Aragon's children live to adulthood
    Threadmarks: Author's Rambling-family tree

    A.K.A the one where I decided that I wrote two Anne Boleyn wins threads, time for a KOA wins thread. Originally, I was going to do one based off my Alternate Monarchs post where Katherine's daughters live, but I just felt I wouldn't be able to pull it off correctly. So here we go. Let's get...
  14. Jessaline

    What Would Have Happened if Mary I of England Named Mary, Queen of Scots, as her successor when she died?

    I am fascinated by the idea that Mary, Queen of Scots, might have been Queen of England as well. What would have happened to Elizabeth, and her marriage with the (I believe at the time?) Dauphin of France, Francis? Do you think she would have suffered as much as she did alone in Scotland?
  15. Mary, Queen and Empress
    Threadmarks: POD

    What will happen if Edward, Prince of Wales died in 1540, followed shortly after by his devastated father? With Henry VIII dead in 1541, Catherine Howard would be the Dowager Queen, a young and rich widow free to remarry, while Mary Tudor will follow his father as Queen. In OTL Mary, after...
  16. ranichi17

    Equal and Indivisible - A Tudor Timeline
    Threadmarks: Title Page

    y'all know what this is about aka the Mary becomes queen in 1536 TL ___________________ Equal and Indivisible - A Tudor Timeline Sketch of the Lady Mary, daughter of King Henry, done by Hans Holbein in 1536 “No one could have disproved that this august Lady was the daughter of Kings.” –...
  17. The Pilgrimage of Grace

    What if The Pilgrimage of Grace had been more successful? By which I mean, actually achieved their stated goals - the end of the suppression of the monasteries and the punishment / dismissal of those who were carrying out it like Thomas Cromwell? I don't think King Henry VIII would ever really...
  18. FalconHonour

    The Queen is Dead!: Katherine of Aragon dies in 1518
    Threadmarks: I: 10 November 1518

    So, I've been lurking on this site for a while and now that I'm officially a member, I thought I'd explore making a timeline based off one of my old Tudor Fanfictions. The advantage being that I have the whole basic story written, so I can just rewrite the bits I think need it. As such, updates...
  19. Olena

    James, Duke of Rothesay (b. 1540) survives to adulthood

    Per OTL, the oldest son of James V and Marie de Guise, James, Duke of Rothesay died at 11mo; however, in the event he AND his younger brother Arthur, Duke of Albany (b.1541) survive to adulthood what effects would this have? James V, Henry VIII, Mary Tudor, and Edward VI all die per OTL; also...
  20. ranichi17

    WI: Catherine Parr had a child?

    We know that Kate isn't really barren, as she had a daughter named Mary after she married Tom Seymour. So what if instead of with Tom, she had a child by Henry? If she has a son (Henry? Owen?), that son will inherit should Edward die as scheduled. Would she be regent for her son, as she was...