map challenge

  1. Oba Cahokia

    How would the Ottomans and Austria Hungary collapse after WW1 in a Central Powers Victory?

    What would be the countries they split into, how much longer will they last before falling apart, what would the borders look like, What impact would this have on the rest of the world?
  2. Earth, 88% water. What would it look like?

    As the title implies, what would a map of Earth look like if the ocean fills up 88%, not 71%, of its surface?
  3. Alternate Rockies Alternatives

    I currently live in a corner of what meteorologists call "Tornado Alley", and to be honest, I am getting fed up with hiding in bathrooms while the Reaper's Scythe spirals through my home town and threatens to undo years of hard work in one blow. At the same time, I live somewhere between the...
  4. Alternate Pangaea Ultimae

    In an alternate Earth, Pangaea Ultima is not a projection 250 million years in the future, it is current. In this challenge, there are six alternatives to this alternate Pangaea Ultima, with that blue dot being the South Geographic Pole. In each of the alternatives, per the position of the...
  5. Challenge: Ugliest possible borders/map of Europe that is still plausible

    What's the ugliest possible borders of Europe that you can create with a plausible POD or series of PODs? Straight lines, exclaves, panhandles, arbitrary divisions, you name it. The least aesthetically pleasing map possible. An actual map is welcome but not required.
  6. Map challenge: Better US state

    The task is simply: Reform the borders of the US states to make them follow natural frontiers like rivers and mountains, ethnic borders and/or economic areas, post a map about it and explain the changes. Yo don't have to stick to the actual numbers of states, you can create new ones, unite or...
  7. The Eridani Project

    Hi! This is a project for worldbuilding. Here is the link for the discord. MOD EDIT You should be able to figure out the context of the project. Ask if you have any questions!
  8. A Wider Atlantic, A More Southern Australia

    The map we'll be using for this question is this: This is for an alternate Earth project that I've been working on. If you find the map overly detailed, let me explain. I use Photoshop, so the political and subpolitical boundaries are the perfect template for me to flood or dry up certain...
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  10. Byzantium-wank Map Challenge

    A map Challenge, from a multiverse story I am working on.
  11. 504 AD Map Challenge