leopold of saxe-coburg

  1. King Leopold I of.....Greece?

    Though I think he would have opted to reign under the name George, the man who would become Belgium's first king in OTL was offered previously, and passed on the throne that went to Otto of Bavaria. Suppose Leopold had become King of Greece, does he fare better than Otto did, and what becomes of...
  2. Earl Marshal

    Pride Goes Before a Fall: A Revolutionary Greece Timeline
    Threadmarks: Chapter 1: The Spark of Revolution

    Chapter 1: The Spark of Revolution The Ottoman Empire, 1801 On the 22nd of February 1821, the Phanariot Alexander Ypsilantis crossed the Pruth River into the Danubian Principality of Moldavia and in doing so sparked an open revolt against the Ottoman Empire. Across all of Rumelia, Greeks rose...
  3. Earl Marshal

    AHC: Leopold of Greece

    In the London Protocol of 1830, the great powers of Great Britain, France, and Russia had intended on having Leopold of Saxe-Coburg become the King of Greece only for him to refuse it. His reasoning was that Greece was politically unstable and that he wanted the Arta to Volos border for Greece...