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  1. A Drop in the Bucket: Brazil and Latin America in the Cold War
    Threadmarks: Part 1: A Divided City

    ------------------ Part 1: A Divided City Throughout practicaly all of Porto Alegre's republican history, most of its inhabitants had very little say in how the capital of the state of Rio Grande do Sul was run. During the Old Republic, its mayors, like pretty much all other politicians of the...
  2. Brazilian WI: Carlos Lacerda doesn't become governor of Guanabara in 1960?

    This is a rather obscure WI so I'm calling in fellow Brazilians @Gukpard @Guilherme Loureiro @ByzantineCaesar @Gonzaga and @AdrianoChika. Carlos Lacerda was one of the more important political figures of the 1945-1964 era in Brazil. A journalist and politician who constantly agitated for a...