1. RelativeGalaxy7

    Remember the Rainbow: An Alternate Royal Canadian Navy TL
    Threadmarks: HMCS Rainbow Ceremony, August 9th 2014.

    August 9, 2014 Ceremony honours HMCS Rainbow, sunk 100 years ago today. By James Riley for CBC News This year marked the 100th anniversary of the sinking of HMCS Rainbow during The Battle of the Farallon Islands, Canada's first naval engagement during the First World War. The battle was...
  2. Gukpard

    What if Napoleon used trenches in Leipzig?

    Emperor Tigerstar publishied this video on his channel about the use of trenches in the american civil war, more precisely, at the battle of Cold Harbour: Summoning what he says, trenches were a extremely effective way to stall larger enemy forces while fighting defensively. This made me...
  3. RelativeGalaxy7

    HMCS Rainbow vs SMS Leipzig (alongside a potential Timeline?)

    Hey everybody, I haven't posted here very much however, I've found some quite interesting info to fuel a passion of mine, RCN wank along with hopefully a good discussion! I had originally came here when I found these two threads talking about HMCS Rainbow vs SMS Leipzig and while they both...
  4. GauchoBadger

    WI: Napoleon defeated and captured at Lützen

    What if Napoleon Bonaparte had been defeated at the Battle Of Lützen (May 1813)? How likely is he to be captured by Coalition forces? Is he likely to be executed? What about Frederick Augustus? Will he be able to maintain his enlarged Saxony? Will he be able to keep his polish fiefdom alive? And...