1. Beyond the town of Gettysburg
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    Chapter 1 July 1, 1863, 10:15 a.m. East of Herr's Ridge Gettysburg, Pennsylvania The sun was now steadily rising and the damp moisture of the night finally gave way to the dry warmth of midsummer day. Brigadier General James Jay Archer from Heth's Confederate division pondered what the day...
  2. Gigapump

    If Jackson Had Survived?

    Let's say Jackson decided on a whim that he didn't really want to go out to check out the state of his troops that faithful night at Chancellorsville. What would change? Well, for one, Gettysburg would have certainly been a Confederate victory. It was lost to them for the main reason that...
  3. DBWI AHC: Lee seen as a good general

    Is there a way to salvage Lee's reputation. I know this is tough, he got whipped in West Virginia, failed in the Carolinas and failed in the Peninsula Campaign. He had a good reputation before the war. Is there a way he can look like less of a colossal screw up?
  4. Lee attacks at Pipe Creek

    What if Lee attacks Meade at his preferred position at Pipe Creek rather than Gettysburg? :eek: How screwed is Lee?