1. suitable POD for majority-Christian Lebanon that's stable to this day

    This thread is a follow-up of a past thread that I created with regard to a Lebanon that is still majority Christian (many of them Maronites) and has fewer sectarian divisions than in OTL, a Lebanon that doesn't witness the devastating 1975-90 civil war nor the catastrophic economic depression...
  2. Can the Lebanese Civil War be prevented?

    Alert: awfully generic information incoming. Before the outbreak of its civil war in 1975, Lebanon was a relatively prosperous country, whose capital, Beirut, was known as the "Paris of the Middle East". All that prosperity went down the drain after 15 years of infighting between more armed...
  3. Syrian annexation of Lebanon under Hafez Assad

    From 1976 to 2005, Syria occupied vast swathes of Lebanese territory with the approval of the Arab League and the West due to the backlash from the Lebanese Civil War. During this period, Hafez Assad repeatedly undermined Lebanese sovereignty and political autonomy, probably with the final goal...
  4. A Lebanon based on Switzerland?

    Like many post-colonial states, Lebanon's current borders are fairly... arbitrary. While it was based around a homeland for the Maronites created by the Ottoman Empire, the French mandatory colony had its borders expanded, incorporating large Muslim and Druze populations. To prevent interfaith...
  5. WI: Lebanon takes a cue from Switzerland

    Before the Lebanese Civil War, Lebanon was often referred to as "the Switzerland of the Middle East". This was due in large part to how multicultural the country was and still is, with 18 recognized religious sects. In order to keep the different faiths happy, Lebanon adopted confessionalism and...
  6. WI: A surviving Mount Lebanon Emirate?

    Hey all, this is something I recently stumbled upon, and couldn't find any threads about, so I thought I'd make my own. So first, a little backstory: from 1516 to 1841 the mount Lebanon region of the Ottoman Empire was an autonomous iltizam, or tax farm, and known as the Mount Lebanon Emirate...
  7. Lebanon joined the United Arab Republic?

    During the brief time Nasser's United Arab Republic existed, there was a movement in Lebanon that advocated for uniting with the UAR, but it was quashed in 1958 after the United States intevened in the country. WI Washington didn't listen to president Camille Chamoun's plea for assistance for...
  8. Abd ar-Rahman II

    WI: No county of Tripoli / Soqman breaking the siege of Tripoli in 1105

    The Pod isn’t very important but i’m thinking of Soqman ibn Ortok living longer so he can break the siege of Tripoli as he intended so in early 1105 the crusader force besieging Tripoli are mostly massacred by a combination of an attack from the garrison and Soqman’s troops William II of...
  9. Post 1800 Nationalist ideologies in the Fertile Crescent and Levant?

    Suppose the Ottoman Empire met its end earlier, could something other than pan-Arabism emerge as the dominant nationalist current in the Levant and FertileCrescent, like Phoenicianism in Lebanon?

    Gas war Eastern Mediterranean War

    How likely is a war in the Eastern Mediterranean over gas Expected warring factions Tripartite alliance (Egypt, Greece, South Cyprus) VS (Turkey, Northern Cyprus) And maybe (Lebanon and Israel) In the period between 2017 AD And 2019 AD
  11. DBWI: Israel invades Lebanon

    Recently Haaretz published a declasified report of the IDF with plans of a new invasion of Lebanon in 1982 to expell the PLO like in 1978. It was ultimately decided that given the political chaos of the Lebanese civil war it would've been like a new Vietnam. What would've happened if Israel had...
  12. WI The Soviet Union, Iran and the shia crecent

    Seeing how now Russias and Iran's objectives in the region seem to align somewhat, specially regarding Assad, it made me thing how an atl Soviet Union could have found a similar partnership with Iran decades earlier in their common interest in Assadist Syria, maybe in Lebanon (the shia community...
  13. GauchoBadger

    PC/WI: Fakhr al-Din II estabilishes an independent Lebanon?

    Fakhr al-Din II of the Ma'an dynasty was a Druze political leader active in middle Syria during the early 17th century, notable for uniting the Maronite and Druze groups of modern Lebanon in a military effort against the Ottoman administration of Syria. At a time, he apparently held sway over...
  14. AHC: Christian majority Lebanon

    in the title
  15. lerk

    WI: Israel ends Lebanese Civil War early

    With a POD around 1976-1989, how could Israel end the Lebanese Civil War earlier than OTL?
  16. lerk

    Lebanon partition

    Could Lebanon be partitioned as a result of civil war? Here is what I am thinking: Orange: Christian state Green: Muslim state
  17. WI: No 1983 Lebanon barracks bombing?

    How would the US’s relationships with Iran, Syria, and Israel be affected? Would the US keep forces in Lebanon without the loss of support caused by the bombing? Would Hezbollah’s formation be delayed or prevented?
  18. AHC: multiple non-Arab Levantine nation-states for MAXIMUM BALKANIZATION

    OTL there is only one self-identified non-Arab nation-state, Israel, in Levant today (defined here as the lands between Anatolia in Turkey, the Suez Canal in Egypt, the Iranian Plateau, and the Arabian Peninsula). The challenge is to figure out how to maximize the number of non-Arab...
  19. [Middle East AH] - Aramean Syria and Assyrian Iraq?

    See above. Suppose the Christian communities in Greater Syria and Iraq committed to a revival of their historical ethno-cultural identities instead of adhering or being marginalized by an Arab identity from the 1600s onwards. Could this revival be sustained enough to lead to cohesive concepts of...
  20. GauchoBadger

    WI: Alexander fails to conquer Tyre

    What if Alexander, the Great, had failed to conquer the city-state of Tyre in 332 BCE? Could Tyre become an "eastern Carthage" of sorts, if it manages to push back further invasion attempts by the diadochi?