1. The Professor

    Plantagenet Navarre in an alt HYW

    So, what would be the best/simplest way to achieve a Navarre under a Plantagenet (not necessarily the King or heir of England) while still generating an analogue of the Hundred Years War?
  2. WI: Queen Philippa Of Lancaster Bears King Erik An Heir

    Philippa of Lancaster was the youngest daughter of Henry IV, who was married to Erik of Pomerania, heir to the Kalmar Union in 1406, when she was twelve years old. Until her death in 1430, she bore no children (although some sources list a stillborn child rather late in life). Philippa is rather...
  3. Without a Marriage to Elisabeth of Luxemburg, Would the Habsburgs Still Have Dominated?

    I must admit, I’ve overlooked the possibility for this match before or if it’s even likely, but here it is. The 14th century in the Holy Roman Empire was sort of a see-sawing between the Wittelsbachs and the Luxemburgs. It saw its last gasp at the imperial election where Sigmund of Luxemburg...
  4. GauchoBadger

    WI: John of Gaunt and Constance of Castile have a son

    What if John of Gaunt and his second wife, Constance of Castile, had a male heir sometime around the 1370's? Would this heir end up having a claim to the castilian throne? If so, then could he succeed in getting it and estabilishing a lancastrian dynasty in the country, similarly to what his...
  5. kasumigenx

    The Blooming Red Rose - A Lancastrian TL
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    The Blooming red rose Anne of Burgundy, Duchess of Bedford Verse 1 On November 15, 1430, Anne of Burgundy, the wife of the Duke of Bedford and the daughter of the duke of Burgundy bears a son who is strong enough to survive and Anne of Burgundy would be able to survive giving birth to her son...
  6. AHC/WI: King Richard IV/Perkin Warbeck

    The challenge is to let Perkin Warbeck be successful, he gets crowned king of England at Westminster, from when he first appeared on the scene at the start of the 1490s. (I think if the Yorkists can avoid watering England under Simnel and the other pretender (the cordwainer's son, can never...
  7. kasumigenx

    Victory is Red – Hundred Years War TL
    Threadmarks: Verse 1

    Victory is Red – Hundred Years War TL Preface I want to create a TL that butterflies the Columbus exploration and colonization of Americas and revives the Byzantine Empire on a late POD, I did another TL before with this premise with a later POD, I decided to rehash it with a different...
  8. kasumigenx

    A Prophecy Refuted – Richard III - Timeline Concept
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    A Prophecy Refuted – Richard III TL Joan of Portugal with Infant Jesus Verse 1 On March of 1485, a Proxy marriage between the Duke of Beja and Elizabeth of York was successfully proposed and accepted by the King of Portugal and a proxy groom was sent to England, the marriage between Beja...
  9. WI: A Sane Henry VI of England

    Everyone knows that Henry VI's reign saw the rise of the house of York and the start of the Wars of the Roses. Unfortunately, Henry suffered from a tenuous mental equilibrium that he had inherited through his French mother. This meant that periods where the king was "unwell" occasioned the...
  10. No War of the Roses?

    Couple of questions; a) Is it possible to avoid the War of the Roses? b) What would the long-reaching events be? I've just read Conn Igguldon's series on the situation, and of course he does embellish history somewhat, but I do wonder what might have happened if Henry V had not died when he...
  11. The Professor

    Henry Bolingbroke dies in exile

    If Henry Bolingbroke dies before or on return to England and thus never imprisons and succeeds Richard II what can we expect? I'll assume Richard still dies childless.
  12. Edward of Westminster and his Most Catholic Queen

    Something I've seen a thread on twice now is the idea of Edward of Westminster, Prince of Wales, marrying Isabel I, Queen of Castile. Would this have been possible? Or even plausible? And what might the effects of said match be on the world? No Catholic monarchs, for one (the idea of Fernando V...