1. Would Kurdistan fall under Soviet Influence in this scenario? If so, how would the Middle East be affected?

    In my alt-history timeline, Turkey joins the Axis Powers during WWII and promptly commits a devastating invasion of southern Russia. I'm not sure if this would prolong the war but ultimately, the Axis is still defeated, the USSR survives and as punishment, Turkey's borders are reduced to that of...
  2. Duke Andrew of Dank

    WI: The Sykes-Picot Agreement is not done

    Simply put, it was the Anglo-French plan to split the Middle East. Something done behind the backs of the Arab peoples. Who had been promised independence from the Ottoman Empire. drawing on what was going then IOTL, what would have happened had this agreement never happened?
  3. AHC: Medieval Kurdistan

    Your challenge is to have an independent Kurdish state arise sometime in the Middle Ages.
  4. Successful Post-WWII Pan-Iranist State That Unites All The Iranian Peoples

    With the exceptions of the Ossetians (since they’re very far away), is it possible that a successful pan-Iranist state could emerge and unite the Iranian peoples into one single nation? What would be the name of this country? Does this also include the Azeris? And is it possible not to dissolve...
  5. Byzantine fanatic

    New Map of the Middle East & Islamic World

    Hi all, I have created a map just for fun, showing the Middle East/Islamic countries with borders redrawn. This was done for entertainment purposes only, and does not have any serious intent. The setting of this map is now (April 2019) but re-imagined in a way that would be more advantageous to...
  6. GauchoBadger

    WI: Post-Ayyubid Kurdish empire?

    IOTL, historically, Kurdistan has quite rarely been the source of expansive states or empires, with the exception of a few oddball emirates in the Jezira region, Saladin's Ayyubid sultanate that eventually lost most of its Kurdish character after expanding into the Levant and Arabia, and a...
  7. AHC: Kurdistan becomes an internationally-recognized state

    At any point after the breakup of the Ottoman Empire, make Kurdistan real.
  8. Whiteshore

    Aftermath of an enforced Treaty of Sevres

    Historically, the Treaty of Sevres was the treaty initially enforced on Turkey after WW1. However, due to the Turkish War of Independence, it proved to be stillborn, replaced with the Treaty of Lausanne, but what if the Turkish War of Independence was a defeat for the Turks? What happens...
  9. [Retired...For Now] Of Swords and Sand: A Hashemite Arabia Scenario
    Threadmarks: Part 1

    Hello, everyone. I’m new to the AH community and this is my first post. The scenario will reach from 1908 to present, a large project for me. The end result will be a Hashemite-led Arab state, an independent Kurdistan, and a Megali Greece. The Second World War and Cold War section of this...
  10. azadi

    The 4th of July coup in Russia

    Chapter 1: Military coup in Russia! The situation in Russia was desperate in the beginning of July 1917. On March 2 1917 (March 15 1917) (dates in parentheses are according to the Gregorian calendar) abdicated Tsar Nikolay 2. after massive demonstrations against the Russian Tsardom. On March 3...
  11. a symbolic federation for the peoples in the Caucasus after ww1

    After the breakdown of the Soviet Union, the Commonwealth of Independent States binds the former Soviet Republics into an organization. In the aftermath of ww1, would such an organization for the peoples in Caucasus help stabilize the region? In the idea's implementation, the proposal for the...
  12. AHC: Biji Kurdistan!

    How could a Kurdish state form in the Middle East as a result of British and French decolonization? How would its formation change Mashriqi politics? PoD any date after the Sykes-Picot Agreement (1916)
  13. AHC: multiple non-Arab Levantine nation-states for MAXIMUM BALKANIZATION

    OTL there is only one self-identified non-Arab nation-state, Israel, in Levant today (defined here as the lands between Anatolia in Turkey, the Suez Canal in Egypt, the Iranian Plateau, and the Arabian Peninsula). The challenge is to figure out how to maximize the number of non-Arab...
  14. Sand and Steel: The Story of the Modern Middle East (TL)
    Threadmarks: The Carlton Hotel

    (Preface: I am new to the forum, and I thought it would be fun to join because I've recently been becoming a major alternate history nerd. I love the idea of world-building, and especially building a world based off of an alternate timeline of our own. I've been coming up with this timeline for...
  15. If Kurdistan was created after World War I

    How would Middle Eastern politics and relations be different today if the Allies carved out Kurdistan out of Turkey, Iraq, and Syria after the Ottoman Empire was defeated?
  16. WI: Turkey without Turkish Kurdistan

    As the title says, what happens if Turkey didn't have it's Kurdistan region, whether the Kurds gained independence or decided by the Treaty of Sevres by the Entente? What'll be the consequences of this event up till modern world?
  17. What happens to Turkey after successful Treaty of Sèvres?

    The exact POD doesn't matter, but as an example Ataturk and other important persons in the Turkish nationalists die in or around 1919. Eventually another turkish government becomes established in Ankara, and widely accepted as legitimate. This government accepts the Treaty of Sèvres in January...
  18. ramones1986

    Plausibility Check: Kurds settled the rest of Anatolia

    Recently, I'm thinking of an idea where the Kurds substituted Turks in (most of) the Anatolian peninsula, as in beyond their homeland (OTL southeastern Turkey and the Zagros Mountains). While I really thought that such idea was almost/borderline implausible, I want to reassure if this...