korean war

  1. AHC/WI: No Jucheist North Korea

    As the title said, it's gonna be like any normal ML country. POD is also included at any year.
  2. Tabs

    A Red Shrimp Among Whales-a North Korean Victory TL
    Threadmarks: Chapter 1: On the Eve of War

    DISCLAIMER: just want to make it clear before you read that I do not support North Korea, or authoritarian communism. Any praise for the Kim dynasty, the Soviets, or the CCP in this timeline are merely for immersion. I hope you enjoy. A Red Shrimp Among Whales Chapter 1 March, 1949...
  3. BNSF1995

    The Cup of Ruin and Desolation: WWIII in 1965

    This is my first attempt at a serious timeline, so don't be too harsh. The goal is to analyze what World War III (and more specifically, nuclear war) would look like if it were fought in 1965. There may be some mistakes, and this may or may not be plausible, but I've gone to great lengths to...
  4. WI: UN doesn't retreat in Korea

    What if the UN forces held the line against the Chinese at the Yalu River instead of withdrawing back to the 38th Parallel?
  5. BiteNibbleChomp

    Patton in Korea/MacArthur in the White House
    Threadmarks: Part I, Chapter 1

    On December 23, 1950, a tragedy occurred in a land that had suffered a tragic six months. Korea, once colonised, now divided, was again a battlefield as the great powers fought for control of East Asia. Having consumed the lives of thousands of soldiers, and untold numbers of local civilians...
  6. Nationalist victory in China: consequences for the Cold War?

    Like it says on the tin. What could've been some major effects of the Nationalists winning the Chinese Civil war? Would the USSR focus most of its efforts in securing its empire in Europe, rather than trying to export communism to the Third World? Would we still have a Korean War? If so, Kim...
  7. Gillan1220

    Second Korean War in 1997

    I just recently watched the film Murder at 1600 on TV. Part of the side-plot involves a USAF E-3 plane being shotdow over North Korea and the airmen being held prisoner. The hawkish U.S. military generals want to wage war with North Korea unless they handover the prisoners peacefully. However...
  8. Goats-&-Bolts

    Jerusalem of the East turned Red – Or What If there was a “Christian Korean People’s Republic”?

    https://www.christiantoday.com/article/when-north-koreas-capital-had-so-many-christians-it-was-called-the-jerusalem-of-the-east/107588.htm https://christianhistoryinstitute.org/magazine/article/the-jerusalem-of-the-east One of the North Korean Christians who fled south during the exodus was...
  9. Whiteshore

    Mao dies in 1949-50, who succeeds him?

    In a scenario where Mao dies shortly after the proclamation of the People's Republic of China (let's say a sudden stroke or heart attack claims his life), who succeeds him as leader of the nascent People's Republic of China? How does the PRC develop without Mao's rule? What is the foreign policy...
  10. Imperial Advocate

    AHC: Sino-American War starts during the Korean War

    What if the Chinese intervention to save North Korea from the UN forces led by the United States causes huge tensions and this escalates into a war between the PRC and the USA. Nukes can be used for tactical use but this doesn’t escalate into WW3. American Alliance: United States Japan South...
  11. No Korean War - Effects on Japan

    Suppose that the Korean War is either avoided or is far shorter (and less expensive) than OTL - maybe Stalin doesn’t give the go ahead, maybe Mao loses the Chinese Civil War, or maybe China just doesn’t intervene. In any event - Japan is still defeated by the Allies, but TTL doesn’t get the...
  12. KuboCaskett

    Effects of a US/South Korean Victory in the Korean War on World Militaries?

    I recall this post made by RanulfC from a previous thread about the effects of a US-UN victory in the Korean War: Well all that sounds good for the US but I kind of wonder how would the other countries be effected in terms of military strategy and whatnot? Will the UK and France follow the...
  13. UN Forces cut off the KPA retreat in 1950

    Historically UN forces tried to take back Seoul in 1950 after the Incheon landings, allowing the KPA to retreat north and avoid encirclement, and eventually linked up with the "volunteer" force Mao sent into the war. Can the UN cut off the retreat and destroy the North Korean Army? What effect...
  14. Amadeus

    Could Taft Have Won in 1952?

    A major reason that Republican leaders supported Dwight Eisenhower for President in 1952 was that they believed the frontrunner, Senator Robert Taft, was unelectable. Taft was widely seen as an isolationist arch-conservative who opposed the New Deal, positions that were very unpopular at the...
  15. Amadeus

    DBWI: The UN Crosses the 38th Parallel in 1950

    The Korean War is often hailed as an example of a swift, decisive military intervention. After North Korea invaded South Korea, the UN launched a counteroffensive that pushed the Communists out of the South. Once the UN's mission was accomplished, President Harry Truman ordered his forces to...
  16. Whiteshore

    No Kim il-Sung: How does North Korea develop?

    In a scenario where Kim il-Sung died before he could take over North Korea, how does North Korea/the "Democratic People's Republic of Korea" develop? Who takes over North Korea in lieu of Kim il-Sung? What does North Korea look under his rule?
  17. Amadeus

    DBWI: How Would Truman Have Handled Korea?

    After his narrow victory over Truman in 1948, President Dewey ordered a military build up and decided to keep US troops in South Korea. In 1950 there was a war scare when North Korea threatened to invade South Korea and expel the Americans from the peninsula with help from Communist China...
  18. DBWI South Korea doesn't win the Korean war

    The Korean war was at times a close run thing the Chinese intervention could have pushed allied forces right to where the war started or even won the war with some luck if not for the miracle of Pyongyang and some critical mistakes that demolished the Chinese armies logistics which allowed the...
  19. FalloutNova

    Kim Il-Sung and Syngman Rhee swap

    what if Kim Il-Sung was the leader of the Republic of Korea instead of Syngman Rhee as the Democratic Dictator and Syngman Rhee as the Communist Dictator of the People's Republic of Korea instead of Kim Il-Sung? What would happen to the Kim Dynasty?
  20. Whiteshore

    What would a united Communist Korea look like?

    In a scenario where the North Koreans won the Korean War, what would a Korea united under their leadership look like? Would a DPRK which encompasses the entire Korean Peninsula still be the totalitarian nightmare which it is IOTL? Or would it mellow out over time? What becomes of Kim il-Sung in...