katherine of aragon

  1. AHC: Have a Protestant England with a successful Katherine

    The challenge is have Queen Katherine, first wife of Henry VIII, produce a surviving son (maybe have Henry's OTL children by his other wives be born from her) but England still break ties with the Papacy and become protestant before 1650. Withouth a dynastic change or revolution (so no overtrow...
  2. Sevarics

    WI: Catalina / Catherine Trastamara of Aragon is born a boy, succeeds Isabella and Ferdinand

    As the title states, Catalina is born male, likely named Ferdinand. He is just as promising as his OTL female counterpart. He weds his brother’s widow, Margarita and has issue with her. What are potential children’s names? How capable would Ferdinand and Margarita be at ruling the Spanish Empire?
  3. Teriyaki

    Six The Musical

    I recently ran across this musical about a month or two ago and have been infatuated with it ever since. The musical is called "Six", and the musical deals with the Six Wives of Henry the VIII. The six wives have come together to form a pop group and to decide who should be the lead singer in...
  4. Teriyaki

    The Six Lives of Henry the VIII Series by Janet Leigh

    I just wanted to share a really great book series I had read by Janet Leigh called "The Six Lives of Henry the VIII". Each book deals with a different what if question when it comes to the Six wives of Henry the VIII: Katherine the Inquisitor - What if Katherine of Aragon had a son who had...
  5. WI: Katherine of Aragon Born Male

    Sorry to jump off my Hungarian bit, but I just realized I missed Katherine of Aragon's birthday yesterday. (sorry @BlueFlowwer and any other Katherine lovers) So, in honour of the woman, who Thomas Cromwell wrote of: "were it not for her gender she would've eclipsed all the heroes of history"...
  6. FalconHonour

    The Queen is Dead!: Katherine of Aragon dies in 1518
    Threadmarks: I: 10 November 1518

    So, I've been lurking on this site for a while and now that I'm officially a member, I thought I'd explore making a timeline based off one of my old Tudor Fanfictions. The advantage being that I have the whole basic story written, so I can just rewrite the bits I think need it. As such, updates...
  7. Effects of Henry FitzRoy, Duke of Richmond and Somerset Born a Girl?

    The title says it all. OTL Henry VIII saw FitzRoy's birth as vindication that the failure to produce a boy as his wife's fault. Not to mention, he had a tendency to drop his mistress after she'd done her duty (both Bessie Blount and Mary Boleyn had second pregnancies where Henry's paternity is...
  8. Katherine of Aragon and Her Royal Daughters

    Another Henrician queen question for all you wonderful people: What if Katherine of Aragon's daughters had survived birth/infancy? Usually there are three documented, a miscarried girl in 1510, Mary in 1516 and a second stillborn/shortlived daughter in 1518. So, Kate's first child, if she's...
  9. WI: Henry VIII's 1524 Jousting Accident Killed Him?

    As above - 10 March 1524, the jousting accident caused by Henry's failure to lower his visor kills him; he leaves an 8-year-old daughter and her formidable mother.
  10. Deals

    Beginning in 1528 She realized that he was serious when she first heard of the upcoming trial. Henry, the love of her life, was planning to set her aside for that Boleyn girl, Anne. She could hardly believe it. Henry, who’d rescued her when she was planning to return to Spain in defeat...
  11. Change 1 Thing 1: Katherine of Aragon

    Everyone seems to be in favor of Katherine becoming 'reasonable' over the annulment. Okay, let's make her 'reasonable'. Henry confers with (whomever, certainly NOT Anne Boleyn) and make the pre-emptive strike by offering her the following as an inducement for 'retirement': Mary will remain...
  12. WI: Henry Tudor married Katherine of Aragon in 1505?

    In 1504, Henry VII got the dispensation he wanted allowing Katherine to wed Henry. But when Henry came of age to marry, in 1505, the king had his son disavow the betrothal (privately) - apparently to keep his (H7) options open AND keep her dowry. What if they had wed when they should have?