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  1. TL: The Longevity of House Tudor
    Threadmarks: 0. The Introduction

    A very large thank you to both @RedKing and @Cate13 who discussed my TL with me and helped me sort out how the family tree will end up. Some of the beautiful chaos going forward can definitely be attributed to some of their ideas :) TL/PoD: what if Elizabeth of York and Henry VII's children had...
  2. ordinarylittleme

    The Queen and the Duchess

    What if Arthur Tudor survived his illness and succeeded his father as king, while his brother Henry of York would marry as his second wife Anne Boleyn, Dowager Countess of Northumberland and Dowager Countess of Ormond? And if the Tudors had the luck of the Habsburgs and eventually ended up...
  3. ordinarylittleme

    The Young King and the Queen Mother

    As stated in this thread, I had intended to write a timeline where Henry VIII and his firstborn son switch death dates (Henry VIII dies in 1511, the Duke of Cornwall dies in 1547). And thus, Katherine of Aragon gets a much happier life and England stays Catholic. Yes, I realize another user has...
  4. ordinarylittleme

    Henry & Katherine: Tudor Heirs

    My spin on the "All of Katherine of Aragon's children survive", an AU where she also had the same child mortality rate as her sister Joanna. Here are their children: 1. Katherine b. 1510 2. Elizabeth b. 1510 3. Henry b. 1511 4. Edmund b. 1513 5. John b. 1514 6. Mary b. 1516 7. Margaret b. 1518...
  5. ordinarylittleme

    The Six Heirs: A Tudor TL

    Premise is the gender-flipped version of @HortenseMancini's "Six Roses, Red and White". Instead of six healthy daughters, Henry VIII and Katherine of Aragon have six healthy SONS. (Yes, this butterflies away Mary I...shocker!) With such an overwhelming load of legitimate male heirs around...
  6. ordinarylittleme

    WI: Katherine of Aragon and Anne Boleyn both died in 1531.

    In 1531 Katherine of Aragon was exiled from court and lived the rest of her life in different castles, while Anne Boleyn was hailed as the new queen in all but name (and became officially so in 1533). Both women greatly hated each other and all the other stood for. So what if both of them died...
  7. ordinarylittleme

    WI: Katherine of Aragon dies in 1503 giving birth to Arthur's posthumous son

    So this is quite simple. Arthur Tudor marries Katherine of Aragon, but he dies half a year into their marriage. He leaves her pregnant, meaning the marriage is DEFINITELY consummated and she can't claim she was a virgin later on to marry Henry. However all this is moot, as she would die in...
  8. ordinarylittleme

    AHC: Katherine of Aragon becomes queen regnant of England

    Note the difference between queen consort which she was OTL, and regnant (e.g.: her OTL daughter, Mary I). Yes this situation is implausible. Hence why it is a challenge lol.
  9. ordinarylittleme

    WI: Death dates of Henry VIII and Henry, Duke of Cornwall are switched?

    OTL, Henry VIII died in 1547, while his first son Henry Duke of Cornwall died in 1511. What if this was reversed? Katherine of Aragon becomes queen dowager, queen mother and presumably queen regent for her son's minority. What else changes?
  10. ordinarylittleme

    WI: Arthur Tudor and Katherine of Aragon's posthumous son marries Anne Boleyn.

    Does Henry, Duke of York also fall for Anne? Up to you to decide. Either way, what does this change? We will say that this son of Arthur and Katherine is born in New Year's, 1503, and is named Ferdinand after Katherine's father. Ferdinand I of England is a child king when he succeeds to the...
  11. ordinarylittleme

    WI: Arthur Tudor survives, becomes king

    It's that same old thread again. Arthur recovers from his illness alongside his bride, Katherine. In 1509 they become king and queen. Let's say these are the children they have. Elizabeth (b. 1502) Ferdinand (b. 1503) Jasper (b. 1505) Maria (b. 1506) Margaret (b. 1508) John (b. 1510) What...
  12. ordinarylittleme

    WI: Katherine of Aragon, Queen of Castile, Aragon and England

    OTL, Juana was queen of Castile and Aragon. What if she had died childless before she could inherit, leaving her younger sister, Catalina de Aragon as her heiress? How is Katherine going to juggle between three different kingdoms when she's also queen consort of England? Is Mary going to become...
  13. ordinarylittleme

    WI: Katherine of Aragon's daughters

    Katherine of Aragon was pregnant six times, with only one successful attempt that produced her daughter Mary I. What if they were all successful, but she only bore her husband daughters? Here are the girls (feel free to change the names if you feel they are unlikely): Isabella (b. 1510) Alice...
  14. RedKing

    WI: Henry VII dies in 1507?

    In OTL Henry VII became seriously ill in 1507, and many believed that he would die, so much so that Lady Margaret Beaufort had ordered materials that would be needed for his burial. Henry VII would pull through however, and survive. But what if he had succumbed to his illness? In OTL, Lady...
  15. WI: All of Katherine of Aragon's children live to adulthood
    Threadmarks: Author's Rambling-family tree

    A.K.A the one where I decided that I wrote two Anne Boleyn wins threads, time for a KOA wins thread. Originally, I was going to do one based off my Alternate Monarchs post where Katherine's daughters live, but I just felt I wouldn't be able to pull it off correctly. So here we go. Let's get...
  16. AHC: Have a Protestant England with a successful Katherine

    The challenge is have Queen Katherine, first wife of Henry VIII, produce a surviving son (maybe have Henry's OTL children by his other wives be born from her) but England still break ties with the Papacy and become protestant before 1650. Withouth a dynastic change or revolution (so no overtrow...
  17. Sevarics

    WI: Catalina / Catherine Trastamara of Aragon is born a boy, succeeds Isabella and Ferdinand

    As the title states, Catalina is born male, likely named Ferdinand. He is just as promising as his OTL female counterpart. He weds his brother’s widow, Margarita and has issue with her. What are potential children’s names? How capable would Ferdinand and Margarita be at ruling the Spanish Empire?
  18. Teriyaki

    Six The Musical

    I recently ran across this musical about a month or two ago and have been infatuated with it ever since. The musical is called "Six", and the musical deals with the Six Wives of Henry the VIII. The six wives have come together to form a pop group and to decide who should be the lead singer in...
  19. Teriyaki

    The Six Lives of Henry the VIII Series by Janet Leigh

    I just wanted to share a really great book series I had read by Janet Leigh called "The Six Lives of Henry the VIII". Each book deals with a different what if question when it comes to the Six wives of Henry the VIII: Katherine the Inquisitor - What if Katherine of Aragon had a son who had...
  20. WI: Katherine of Aragon Born Male

    Sorry to jump off my Hungarian bit, but I just realized I missed Katherine of Aragon's birthday yesterday. (sorry @BlueFlowwer and any other Katherine lovers) So, in honour of the woman, who Thomas Cromwell wrote of: "were it not for her gender she would've eclipsed all the heroes of history"...