1. Simon

    British Armoured Cruisers at the Battle of Jutland

    At the Battle of Jutland the British had 8 armoured cruisers as part of the Grand Fleet. My question is how much use were they? Reading through some of the basic details it seems like half of them didn't really become engaged whilst the other half was sunk. I'm looking at a possible timeline...
  2. Dread Nought but the Fury of the Seas

    Rumours of War The assassination of an Austrian Archduke would trigger a war that had been building for years. However, as the echoes of the shots died away, it was not immediately obvious that would be a world war. The Great Powers did not react immediately; ‘We should not be greatly concerned...
  3. Land of Hope and Glory - a 20th century timeline
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    Hello, I have decided to have a go at writing a timeline. Hopefully it goes alright! (on the other hand do not except to much or too regular updates) So, the plan is for a timeline set in the 20th century. I am British and so there might be a bias as to who get covered. I might also end up...